Nov 272019

HR Popping Snacks Root Beer Float Popcorn Another find at the Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. HR Poppin’ Snacks is a family owned and operated business from Nebraska, which makes sense cause they’re Cornhuskers down there. All they make is flavored pop corns which is distributed throughout a several state radius. They make both a root beer and a root beer float pop corn, which makes sense as their root beer float has a mix of root beer and vanilla kernels so why wouldn’t they sell a root beer, vanilla, and root beer float. Nevertheless, despite being Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, it only had the root beer float variety leaving me to mourn as I type this, realizing there was something else I could have purchased. I’ve only had one other root beer float pop corn before, yet it was very good so the bar is set high.

The root beer flavor is subtle and spicy with a noticible wintergreen flavor. The vanilla flavor is very sweet but not a lot of vanilla. Together it sort of resembles a root beer float, but not really. It’s sweet and salty crunchy, but lacking in its root beer and floatiness.

Yeah, this rather falls flat. It’s not particularly bad, but not really good. I’d pass on this and get the Sprecher one any day if the choice were available, and if not, I’d just pass on this all together. Their other flavors are probably better, but don’t waste your time on this stuff.

Sep 182019

Man Cave Root Beer Brats

Back on the Fourth of July, when I was visiting my parents, we had a big hot dog roast for lunch around the fire pit. My mom had seen these root beer brats and got a package cause she knows me well. Man Cave Craft Meats are ironically from Minnesota, even though I got them in Washington. Their founder is on a mission to bring obsessively crafted meat products to markets. As they are premium products, they do cost more. I was excited and roasted my brat to perfection then topped with some onions mustard and horseradish.

It’s a really good juicy brat. The root beer flavor, however, is very subtle, and when combined with sauerkraut and mustard, you can’t tell it’s there at all.

This is a really good brat, but the root beer flavor is rather lacking. I think you’d be better off getting a plain juicy brat with some root beer mustard if you want that root beer brat effect.

Aug 212019

Sprecher Root Beer Float PopcornYou may remember Sprecher. I love love love their root beer, while their limited edition honey root beer not so much, though it was my 300th review. Anyways, as I’ve expanded into posts on root beer products, I discovered that Sprecher makes some nice additional food stuffs using their root beer. And thus I ordered them all, and made a fun unboxing video cause YouTube is something I’m starting to do, yet not so much so that I’m really advertising it. I mean, kind of, cause I just did, but not really. Anyhow, root beer float popcorn! I’ve never ever heard of such a thing. But I know that flavored and candied popcorn is something that exists so this isn’t too much of a stretch. It’s interesting that there are two types of kernels in this, root beer flavored ones and vanilla ones. It makes me wonder why they don’t make a root beer popcorn as well as the float version. But what you really want to know isn’t that, but will this satisfy your munchies in a root beer sort a way.

The root beer kernals have a nice sweet root beer candy coating. The coating tastes a lot like Sprecher though there’s not the honey flavor that is so prominent in their root beer. The flavor is strong enough that when mixed with the rest of the popcorn kernal, it is still distinguishable as root beer. The vanilla Kernals have a nice rich vanilla cream flavor coating. Together it does kind of give that whole root beer float vibe, in a popcorn sort of way.

I like it. This is very much a root beer munchies treat. I ate half the bag without realizing it, and my family loved it too. So yeah, if you can find this around, definitely get some, or order a bunch from the Sprecher store.