Nov 272019

HR Popping Snacks Root Beer Float Popcorn Another find at the Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. HR Poppin’ Snacks is a family owned and operated business from Nebraska, which makes sense cause they’re Cornhuskers down there. All they make is flavored pop corns which is distributed throughout a several state radius. They make both a root beer and a root beer float pop corn, which makes sense as their root beer float has a mix of root beer and vanilla kernels so why wouldn’t they sell a root beer, vanilla, and root beer float. Nevertheless, despite being Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, it only had the root beer float variety leaving me to mourn as I type this, realizing there was something else I could have purchased. I’ve only had one other root beer float pop corn before, yet it was very good so the bar is set high.

The root beer flavor is subtle and spicy with a noticible wintergreen flavor. The vanilla flavor is very sweet but not a lot of vanilla. Together it sort of resembles a root beer float, but not really. It’s sweet and salty crunchy, but lacking in its root beer and floatiness.

Yeah, this rather falls flat. It’s not particularly bad, but not really good. I’d pass on this and get the Sprecher one any day if the choice were available, and if not, I’d just pass on this all together. Their other flavors are probably better, but don’t waste your time on this stuff.