Sep 032014

Slaughter County Brewing Company Root Beer Seal of ApprovalThis past Friday my parents were visiting for the Labor Day weekend. I decided that we should all take a ferry ride to Bremerton because it is an awesome ride. The question arose of what to do when we got there and well, I figured we’d go and get some root beer and have lunch. I decided to check if there was any new place that I’d missed and the lovely Google Maps showed Slaughter County Brewing Company in Port Orchard. I called them and asked if they made their own root beer and they said that they did. Therefore, that’s where we went for lunch. The whole place is very pirate themed, with skulls and skeletons and cannons and ships and whatnot. It’s got personality like few places ever do. They run on a skeleton crew, so you order at the bar and then they bring it up to you. We got six root beers, one for each of us, and then I got to reviewing.

The Body is darker with prominent anise and wintergreen flavors with spice. The anise isn’t too strong though and there’s also some caramel hints. The Bite is nice. There’s good amount of cloves and a nice carbonation level. The Head is nice and tall and lingers; not the longest, but it’s quite nice. The Aftertaste, surprisingly, is a creamy vanilla with a caramel finish.

Yum! I’m quite surprised by this one, at the first drink I thought it was just going to be an above average dark and spicy brew, but then that Aftertaste completely changes it up as though it were a creamy caramel type. I like it a lot. It’s got my favorite aspects of both genres of brew. Add in a nice Head to seal (pun intended) the deal and I’m proud to give this one a solid 4 kegs. The food there is pretty yummy too. I had the Musket Balls (meat balls) topped with The Seven Deadly Seasonings and absolutely loved them. I also got some wings and other family members had pizzas or sandwiches. We were all quite satisfied. We even got a growler of root beer to take back with us. A root beer this good and unique you don’t run into every day after all.

4 kegs

My lunch of Buffalo Wings and Musket Balls with the Seven Deadly Seasonings. So good. Plus some pizza and my Dad's Cuban Sandwich.

My lunch of Buffalo Wings and Musket Balls with the Seven Deadly Seasonings. So good. Plus some pizza and my Dad’s Cuban Sandwich.

The brewery in the back of the restaurant.

The brewery in the back of the restaurant.

Right inside the door. Also the dart boards.

Right inside the door. Also the dart boards.

The bar. Notice the pirate stuff everywhere.

The bar. Notice the pirate stuff everywhere.

Aug 202014

A pint of Boundary Bay Root BeerLast week I was contacted by one of my Tesla Motors Club friends, Brianman. He had my hat which was left at a barbecue down in Loomis when we were reveling in the glory that was TMC Connect. So he had my Teslive hat, and he wanted to meet up and give it to me as well as go questing for brew because he had a Tesla and it is the ultimate root beer questing machine. I knew of the perfect place, Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro (or the BBBB as I have taken to calling it). I’d known of this place for over a year, and while I was able to use excuses of a train festival, a hockey game, a Tulip Festival, a Ferry Ride, and a state park to justify traveling to various local breweries with the family, I couldn’t come up with any reason to go all the way to Bellingham. I mean what’s up there? Death Cab for Cutie …’s … hometown? Yeah. But since there’s a supercharger close by a Tesla changes everything. And so on a gray Thursday evening we set off on our quest. After navigating copious amounts of traffic on the way, we arrived at our destination. We had to wait to be seated so we went to the beer garden to get pints of root beer. There was a live band and people milling about and hula hoops and it was a fun place, though the table was crooked as you can see in my picture of the root beer.

The Body is a dark and minty one. It’s a little spicy and doesn’t have too much licorice or wintergreen. The Bite is a little spicy and the fizz is good. The Head is short but foamy. It’s gone too quickly, unfortunately. The Aftertaste is a sort of minty licorice that doesn’t last too long.

So basically it’s a conservative dark root beer. Nothing bad, nothing exceptional. No chances taken, nothing lost. Drinkable, but only that. With the low head and dark flavor it’d make a good float, which is advertised on their menu. The food was wonderful. I had their Steamers, a nice plate of local, wild, Manila clams in a cream sauce with tomatoes and caramelized onions. I can’t claim that the root beer is a perfect accompaniment for this dish, but it is worth trying if you’re into clams.

Three kegs

My dinner of steamers. So delicious.

My dinner of steamers. So delicious.

The Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro

The Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro

The festive beer garden. I wonder if Death Cab ever played here ... Notice the hula hooping girls on the left.

The festive beer garden. I wonder if Death Cab ever played here … Notice the hula hooping girls on the left.

Aug 062014

A Pint of Dr. Ziggy's Root BeerSeveral weeks ago I went down to TMC Connect, the Tesla Motors Club conference, in Monterey. I was on a panel on electric vehicles and the grid. I got a ride down with a fine fellow named Paul, who came from Vancouver, BC. We drove in his Model S, stopping at the super chargers along the way, and by so doing made it to Sacramento from Seattle in about 16 hours. Did I mention it didn’t cost us a penny since super charging is free? Yeah, Teslas rock. Anyhow, when we were a little south of Portland I asked him if it would be possible to search for some root beer at a brewery. He said he didn’t mind so I searched Google maps for breweries in the town of the next Super Charger, Springfield. I called up the first one, Hop Valley and asked if they had root beer, which they said they made their own. When we entered the location on the map, we saw that it was right next to the Super Charger. Ultimate root beer super charging win! We wouldn’t even have to go out of our way and we could try the brew during our 30 minute charging break. Even though it is made by Hop Valley, it is called Dr. Ziggy’s after the owner’s father.

The Body is sweet and sort of spicy with a decent sassafras flavor and some brown sugar hints. The Bite, however, quickly turns acidic sour and prickly and overpowers the good flavors detracting significantly. The Head, as you can see, is fabulously tall and lasts the whole time. The Aftertaste is a nice buttery, nutty flavor which is really, really good.

So this one starts out decent, turns bad, and finishes wonderfully. Add in the beautiful Head and I’ll give it a solid 3.5. We didn’t try any of their food since we’d eaten at the previous Super Charger, but I hear that the brewery smokes their own meats on the roof of their establishment. This is definitely the place to go when you’re road tripping in a Tesla between Washington and California. Or just drive straight there, with a Tesla, all it costs is time, and the drive is time well spent.

Three and a half kegs

The Dr. Ziggy's Root Beer Tap

The Dr. Ziggy’s Root Beer Tap

The inside of Hop Valley Brewing Company

The inside of Hop Valley Brewing Company restaurant.

Hop Valley Brewing Company near the Tesla Super Charger in Springfield Oregon

Hop Valley Brewing Company near the Tesla Supercharger in Springfield Oregon