Apr 272016

Jumpin Johnny's Root Beer Bottle This was the first root beer I reviewed after returning from my mission in Madagascar and South Africa. I was gone for two years and the only root beer I had was my mission recipe from some extract my parents sent me. When I returned home there was a case of this, a case of Henry’s, a case of Hank’s, and a case of Iron Horse waiting for me. I waited about two weeks before trying this, drinking the others to make sure I fully remembered what good root beer tasted like. The name of this annoys me. It should be Jumpin’ or Jumping. I don’t know who Johnny is, but he clearly has some mad skills. He’s jumping over a root beer keg on speed skates while holding a foamy mug of root beer. I know I couldn’t even jump over the barrel with a mug of brew if it were on grass, let alone speed skates. The reward for this feat was of course getting his own root beer named after him.

This root beer has an exceptionally sweet and delicious Body but although it is delicious at first, it proves rather hollow. There is not much Bite and it has very little Head on it. The Aftertaste is nothing special and even turns slightly fruity after awhile which counters the sweet flavor at the beginning.

They put real sugar and clover honey making this one of the sweetest brews I’ve ever encountered. Because of the sweet delicious flavor, it does go very well with food and therefore is drinkable and actually very desirable in that a food like pizza is greatly complimented by the sweet flavor, and the pizza flavor will fill the hollowness and mask the unpleasantness of the Aftertaste. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

Apr 202016

Mom's Root Beer Bottle I find it a happy coincidence that after doing my old post on Dad’s Root Beer the next brew for me to review was Mom’s. It’s clear from the label that they are going for exactly the same thing like some cheap knockoff. The logo is in the same angle and while the letters themselves are different colors, the whole logo sports the same blue, red, and yellow scheme. Also there’s the “The Better Half” quote on the bottle, as if to say that it’s the better half of the Mom and Dad parentage. And why not? We’re all for feminism and equality these days. Why should the fathers be the only ones with their own root beer? We’re about empowerment and #yesallwomen and whatnot now so of course we need a Mom’s Root Beer if we have a Dad’s. They even have their own website, which at the time of this writing, is one of those Godaddy free one-page sites. Talk about a missed opportunity to really support the cause there Mom’s. It is, of course, is still better than the non-existent websites of some companies so there’s that.

The Body is sweet and rich and a little creamy. It has a generic creamy root beer taste that could be a little stronger. The Bite is okay. There’s a bit of spice and fizz. It’s on the smooth side. The Head is average; nothing special but not bad. The Aftertaste is a light caramel vanilla flavor.

This is quite pleasant but nothing special, much like Dad’s root beer. I think that this has a more premium root beer feel (though I didn’t drink them side-by-side) whereas Dad’s is more mass market. Which means … Mom’s rates a little higher. “The Better Half” indeed. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

Apr 132016

Dad's Root Beer BottleAnother iconic brand that is seldom found it glass bottles though commonly found in cans and plastic two-liter bottles. This was one that I had enjoyed as better than the average back in my pre-connoisseur days during the occasional pizza night or barbecue. And by average I mean Cragmont, the precursor to Safeway Select which was the precursor to whatever they have now, Refreshe or something like that. Who cares, they don’t properly bottle it. Anyways. I was traveling up in the Mystic Land of the North on a quest to see The Arrogant Worms, the same quest in which I found the Pirate’s Keg Root Beer. I can’t remember the store where I found this, probably a gas station, but I do remember finding it there. It is the exact same as in the US except with the Racinette on the label. I got three bottles and waited until I had returned to give it a proper review.

This is alright. The Body is good. The Bite is a little harsh for me, I like it smooth. The Head is nothing special. The Aftertaste is not displeasing.

So as we’ve covered before, I was a little, shall we say, less than descriptive in my earlier writings. Whereas before I had thought of it as above average, I’d say it is only an average gourmet root beer, though my standards are much higher than they had been when I quaffed Cragmont “Brown” from the can. It’s still good enough for those pizza parties if you get it in glass. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs