Apr 082020

Guest Post by Jet Gift Baskets

How do you make your gifts more special other than ensuring they’re the recipients’ favorite food or drink, hobby set, color, brand, accessory, or quite simply, something they love? How do you make gift-giving a little more exciting and memorable for your partner, your best friend, your golf buddy, your mom-in-law or just about anybody you know who deserves it?


While knowing you’ve given it a lot of thought and ensuring that it’s something your recipient really likes or love, don’t take for granted the idea that there’s actually more you can do to make it more special. Give your presents a more personal touch like a short message or note or wrap it up yourself no matter how messy it will turn out to be or place it on their favorite spot in the house. Do that and be ready to get a smothering or a tight bear hug or a thank-you with a big smile—something you’ll never forget not for the rest of their lives but of yours.

Okay, so how about your beer lover family and friends, what exactly will they love to get for their birthday, an anniversary, the holidays, or even for no occasion at all?

Let’s start with the Pirates’s Gift Bag. This is prolly the best surprise you can give your 4-year-old daughter or your toddler nephew whose entire world revolves around their pirate ship and all their mighty conquests in their imaginative worlds of play. This gift basket makes for the perfect present for the young pirate-at-heart or perhaps the discerning root beer connoisseur for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, with its Jack Black’s Root Beer, gourmet popcorn, gummy candies, and trail mix they sure would love to share with everyone!

Perhaps you prefer your beer to be not of the root variety.

Enjoying your favorite cold fizzy drink shouldn’t be a once-in-a-blue-moon thing! Surprise your best buddy or go-to office partner or favorite brother-in-law with the Blue Moon Meat Snacker that they can enjoy by themselves or shared with others anytime of the week or on their favorite holiday: the weekends! Packed with Blue Moon Beers and the perfect snacks to go with it—beef sticks, summer sausage and two types of pretzels—surely, this is one beer gift basket every beer lover will want to have!

It’s no secret that great food comes with great company that’s why everyone just loves a great barbecue with family and friends! So the next time Lucy from down the block invites you for a birthday barbecue for her hubby Ben or your boss invites you for a weekend get-together with the boys at work, make sure to bring the barbecue monster beer gift basket for the host: the BBQ Crunch Time Snacker. No doubt you’ll pump up the happy and enjoyable vibes of the bbq party with great beer and gourmet snacks everyone loves!

Now, this beer gift basket idea is definitely one for the books! The wooden beer carrier with bottle opener that comes with Personal Beer Caddy is every beer lover’s dream! And that’s only one of the surprises . . . as this gift basket—that’s perfect to give to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, a long weekend or simply, finally getting that driver’s license— comes full packed with extraordinary gourmet treats of pretzels, crackers, summer sausage, and one Jalapeno & Monterey cheese bar, and of course Longboard beer!

Celebrate Friendship Day with your girlfriends and/or boyfriends or Siblings Day with the entire family with a cozy brunch in the backyard or at the family’s lakehouse! And don’t forget to pack up and bring along this beer gift basket worthy of a big celebration in itself! Our Let’s Day Drink comes overflowing with mixed nuts and sesame seeds, gourmet sausage and meats, and delish treats of cheeses, Cucina and Amore Bruschetta, candied pecans among others, together with no less than a six-pack of Shock Top beer. Cheers!

With our extensive collection of beer gift baskets at Jet Gift Baskets, you’ll never run out of gift ideas for your beer lover families and friends.

With or without an occasion, surely, your recipient will love to get one or two from our amazing selection of gift baskets that has been artfully curated to make sure every basket is filled with no less than delicious treats of gustatory favorites that are sure to warm their hearts.

Apr 012020

Atta Boy Root Beer Bottle From Oklahoma City in the OK state of Oklahoma (I will not apologize) comes this brew. It’s made by BTB Brewing Company, which stands for Bricktown Brewing Company… so where’s the other B mean? BrickTown Brewing Brewing Company? That’s what the bottle makes it out to be. The only reason I could find out it was Bricktown was some very small print on the side. I’m just … no. I’m done. I’m not even going to do this anymore. So Bricktown Brewing Company is a sorta Midwest Chain, with all locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, R-Kansas I mean Arkansas, and Missouri. Their website says nothing about this root beer at all, why it’s called Atta Boy, why it’s a dog, or anything. But peeps like their dogs and like to name root beers after them and I like to complain about it so there we are. Anyways, the most fine and accommodating Rick sent me this for which he has my eternal thanks. Atta Boy Rick (still not sorry).

The Body is nice and sweet with a classic creamy root beer stand flavor. There’s a good amount of vanilla mixed into the sassafras core accented by some spice. The Bite is decently sharp with a fairly smooth finish. The Head is disappointing. It’s tiny short, it’s gone quickly. It ruins an otherwise impeccable root beer experience. The Aftertaste is sweet vanilla and sassafras with the tiniest hints of wintergreen which builds as you drink, making it tastier and tastier.

Wow, fine flavors, but a terrible Head. So close. If this had a Henry’s type Head I’d probably rate it 4 1/2, but it doesn’t so I won’t, I can’t, and finally I’m sorry. I really wanted to give it the Seal, but rules are rules and however yummy you may be, a root beer needs to be the whole package and experience. But also it’s still yummy so worth drinking should you be at the BTB Brewery or whatever. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

Mar 042020

Fentiman's Old English Root Beer Bottle Ah Fentiman’s. Makers of Dandelion and Burdock soda and some other English flavours. Long have I hoped for the day when they would release a root beer, figuring it was right up their alley, despite the fact that it is a uniquely American drink. And now, they finally have! And called it Old English Root Beer, which is something root beer is most decidedly not. Maybe, I suppose, one could argue that there’s a old English way of making sodas, like dandelion and burdock, and when those techniques are applied to root beer it makes it an “old English” root beer, but that’s a stretch. Whatever, they made a root beer, in the UK, and are selling it all over America so I can drink it and complain about it’s name in both print and video form. Truly no greater gifts were given to me by company without a history of making root beer. Any ways, UK root beers are generally bad, almost exclusively, so how is this?

The Body is sweet but not overly so. There’s a complex botanical sarsaparilla flavor with accents of fermented ginger and sweet pear nectar that somehow all works together in a way that makes it intriguing to drink. The Bite is mild but it isn’t smooth. The Head is amazing. One of the best ever. The Aftertaste is a nectary sarsaparilla.

So, um, huh. I expected it to be kind of nasty, what with the “pear juice concentrate” in the ingredients. And yet, they’ve managed to keep it tasting root beer enough to make me acknowledge that they’ve done better than other British brews. It’s not bad. It’s not really good either, but it’s unique enough that it’s worth trying once. And while no one will say that it’s a good root beer. I think most will probably think of it as a decent soda and an experience worth having once. Just not multiple times. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs