Jan 062021

Pigeon River Brewing Company Root Beer Bottle I love my fans. They find amazing new root beers from different corners of the globe (the US really, but I like saying globe) and then send me some on trade. This was found by the famed root beer enthusiast Tony, in Marion, WI. Pigeon River Brewing Company has been open since 2012, but I think root beer is a much more recent addition or it wouldn’t have slipped under the radar of the diligent root beer hunters for so long. Unless, they had it the whole time, yet refused to advertise it, or sell it outside of Marion. The the residents themselves were sworn to never speak of it to outsiders. But over time whispers of a secret root beer reached the ears of Tony, whose multiyear quest brought him to the first bottles ever to be seen by the world at large… I like that version. It’s cannon now. So another remarkable thing about this root beer is that it has 65g of sugar per bottle, which is over 50% more than the average root beer. I’ve had a brew with 47g before and that was super sweet. So I braced myself for the sugar rush of a lifetime and got to drinking.

The Body is hollow. It’s a little minty, a little creamy, but weak overall. It’s not near as sweet as would be expected with all that sugar. The Bite is dismal. Not spicy, not smooth, but rather harsh and prickly. The Head is medium height and foam, nothing special though not bad. The Aftertaste is a sort of sour acidic flavor with a hint of burned sugar.

I’m not impressed. Not only is the flavor lacking, but where’s my promised super sugar content? Talk about a disappointment. So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend this. I guess it isn’t really bad, but it isn’t good and there’s nothing to really distinguish it to be worth even trying once. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

Dec 162020

Fresh Thyme Root Beer Drops
Last Christmas my son gave me some different root beer candies that I hadn’t ever had. He found them at Fresh Thyme, a sort of organic “farmer’s market” that sells the sorts of things you’d expect from that type of place. In their candy section they have several types of old fashion candies including these root beer drops. As far as I can tell, they are actually made for Fresh Thyme, so that’s what I’m saying the brand is. They are only my second root beer drops ever, so I wonder just how different they are from the first.

The nice sugar dusting flavor gives way to a rather generic, minty root beer flavor. The more you suck on it, the stronger the wintergreen flavor grows, to almost overpower the root beer. It’s not bad though, just not as good as it could be.

They’re slightly different, I would say, not as good. But it’s really hard to have a standout or an utter failure amongst root beer hard candies. That said, I probably would never buy them again, but at the same time if someone gave me some, I wouldn’t be upset.

Dec 022020

Bottle of Cappy's Old Time Maine Root BeerCappy’s is a chowder house in Camden, Maine that’s been there since 1979. It’s named after Cappy Quinn, who actually never was officially affiliated with their restaurant. Rather he was an old salt who could be found around the Camden waterfront and was an inspiration to all. The root beer itself is actually bottled and supplied by Private Label Specialties which means it’s most likely really made by GinsenUp. However, the Cappy’s folks claim it’s made specially for them with a unique recipe, which is in line with what GinsengUp does, so it appears to be its own root beer. Unless they’re lying in which case they’ll burn in the special fires prepared for those who deceive root beer reviewers and scowl unnecessarily long at baby koalas. It’s another sailing themed root beer, of which the world cannot have too many.

The Body is that of a generic creamy root beer. Nothing really stands out at all but it’s good. The Bite is on the mild side with only a hint of spice. The Head is adequate, both in height in froth, but nothing special. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and caramel flavor with the slightest bit of wintergreen.

What a pleasantly adequate brew. This is the sort of root beer that when you’re done drinking it you’ll remark, “I just drank a root beer”. Completely forgettable yet sufficiently enjoyable, this will compliment any meal that needs a root beer to compliment it without detracting in any way whatsoever. Drinking it will be an acceptable way to pass the time it takes to drink it. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs