May 272015

Bottle of Oop! Juice Root Beer The final discontinued root beer obtained through trading with Jon. That man is amazing. To have given me a second chance to do what I missed doing when I should. It’s like those Sci-Fi episodes where some wormhole/spell/secret technology turns back the clock so the hero can redo the failed mission and save the day. Well Jon is my wormhole. And I am grateful. This brew has a name that is both annoying and puzzling. Another ‘!’ in a name? And what does that even mean? There’s some nuns singing. I’m not Catholic, but I’m pretty sure nuns don’t say “Oop!” Interestingly, the nuns appear to be singing that there’s “not a speck of juice in [the Oop! Juice]” That is comforting. Most of the root beers with juice in them have not been good. The bottle also asks you to write a song about how drinking this makes you feel and send it to them. An odd request indeed.

The Body is sweet and heavy. It’s pretty syrupy with a spicy, yet standard, creamy root beer flavor. It’s pretty tastey. There’s not really any Bite, the smallest bit of spice tingle and that’s it. The Head is non-existent and the whole brew is pretty flat. The Aftertaste is caramel spice and vanilla.

This root beer tastes good, but needs more carbonation for me to want to visit it again. I wonder if it all leaked out over time. Jon said that he had tried the old bottles and that they were as carbonated as ever. They were probably going for some mild carbonated half juice type thing, or something. A song huh? Ok, here goes. ♪♫ Oh Oop! Juice, your name is quite confusing, ♪♫ oh Oop Juice, your bubbles are diffusing. ♪♫ Oh Oop! Juice, your too sticky syrupy but potential is inside, but it is far too late to get this message cause you dieeeeeeeeed ♪♫ See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

May 202015

Hot Rod Magazine Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalShortly after I began reviewing root beers my good friend found me this in Seattle. If you can’t tell the picture is of some sort of car completely consumed in flames. Above it reads “Something to drink when you’re hot” and below the destruction it reads “we’re sure he’s dead anyone got a root beer?” in two different fonts. This is both awesome and confusing but since I was but a mere teenager at the time, it was overwhelmingly awesome. It was also a limited edition root beer made for Hot Rod Magazine. The back side of the label says you can win a free year’s subscription if you send them a picture of something with wheels. There’s no expiration date on that. I wonder if I can still win 17 years later? For some odd reason this is only 11 ounces instead of the normal 12. If any root beer seems to be a mere private label in disguise, this fits the bill, however, I can find no other root beer that matches the same ingredients in my collection. The closest is Jack Black’s Dead Red, which has all of the same ingredients listed other than the sweetener, Jack Black’s uses cane sugar while this uses HFCS. Then there’s that whole “Natural and Artificial Flavors” that could be completely different. This is bottled by Generation Foods who also makes the Skeleteens line so it is probably just a variation of the Jack Black’s recipe. Yet it does have different ingredients and a different name so it is a unique root beer on its own.

This is one of those root beers with a nice sweet smooth Body. The Head is lacking but it doesn’t go flat. The Aftertaste is adequate. The Bite is wonderful with Brazilian Guarana. The worst part is that it is caffeinated but it does add to the Bite.

I like it. I really do. I like Jack Black’s as well, but this one is better, smoother, sweeter. The Head is a drawback, it it is much better than the two second Head. This was one of the first Seal of Approval’s I gave, though I haven’t seen this in years. It’s a shame. It’s the only guarana energy type root beer that’s worth drinking on a regular basis. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

May 132015

Cold Spring Premium Root Beer Bottle Another one which I received in trade from the great root beer collector Jon. It also seems that this has been discontinued so he gave me one of the world’s last. Truly I must sing his praises. Okay, here goes … ♫♪ Oh Jon, oh Jon, oh great and glorious Jooooooon! ♫♪ … Alright, now that’s over with, on to this Cold Spring. It’s a brewery, you know, with a storied past. There’s a spring there and they use the water to make beer. And root beer, or they did at least. It’s been around for 125+ years so they’ve probably made root beer several times in their “storied” history. Springs seem to been another reoccurring theme with breweries. It makes sense, you kind of need a source of water. They took a Spartan approach to their bottle. A simple circle with the name and the flavor. Some small text above. Who needs anything else? Well most other brands do, that’s who, but not Cold Spring they are so above that, or they were when they were making this at least.

The Body isn’t super sweet and has a nice creamy vanilla flavor to it but it’s light on the other root beer flavors. There’s also something slightly off in the flavors that I can’t place. There really isn’t a lot of Bite to this one, it’s nice and smooth. The Head is medium-tall and lasts a good long while. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla.

This is pretty decent but not all there. It’s almost more cream soda than root beer, which I don’t mind terribly but I prefer it reversed. Still, I miss this already, even though we just met. Not in a sobbing and crying way, but still. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs