Sep 202017

JD's Old Fashioned Root Beer Bottle This brew hails from Dallas Wisconsin. A woman by the name of Jen makes it just as a hobby to do in her spare time, much like me who drinks root beer and writes about it in his spare time. I’m sure the ‘J’ in JD is for Jen but I’m not sure where the ‘D’ comes from. It doesn’t appear, from my Paypal receipt, to be her last name and her Facebook page is a little light on the details. If you’re not from the Dallas, WI area, getting this is rather problematic. As it is just a hobby of hers, it’s sold mainly at farmers markets and some craft breweries. None of which are overly accommodating for mail orders. However, if you are a patient fellow, you just might be able to get some mailed out from J herself. It has a simple little label that reminds me of Spring Lake Root Beer, and is most likely just printed out on her computer at home.

The Body is dark and spicy with some caramel and vanilla undertones. Licorice and features prominently. The Bite is spicy but not carbonated enough for my liking. The Head is very short yet foamy. It’s just there isn’t enough carbonation to build a proper Head. It is gone too quickly. The Aftertaste is licorice and some wintergreen that turns a little bitter.

This is alright, but not quite good enough for me to want again. I’m just not a fan of that dark licorice flavor, though the light vanilla and caramel help quite a bit, the final deciding factor was the dismal Head. I suspect I may have gotten a bad batch, but I’ve got to review it as I see it, not as how I think it was mean to be. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

Aug 302017

Glacier Brewing Company Root Beer Bottle I know nothing about this brewery. Their website is completely devoid of any information about their history, philosophy, or anything other than what they make and where they are and merch and stuff. The one thing that I do know is that the brewery is in Polson, Montana. Polson is on the Flathead Lake, which is also the origin (the bottom anyways) of the only other root beer I’ve had from Montana. I wonder if there’s some connection between them, other than the lake. I also wonder what the background design on the label is supposed to be. Is that a glacier, the lake, the shape of the city limits? I’ve no clue at all. Perhaps it’s nothing and I’m looking for meaning where there is none, like that Ithaca label. I had to mail order this one by calling the brewery direct. Thankfully they actually shipped it with no delays.

The Body is sour with a light sarsaparilla and vanilla flavor. It’s also soapy with bitter notes. The Bite is sharp and sour, almost a fermented sour. The Head is too much, I never thought I’d say it, but it is. Pouring in 10% of the bottle fills my 20 ounce mug with foam. It also never seems to go away. And it tastes nasty. The Aftertaste is sour and bitter without much flavor.

I can’t believe that I am actually saying there’s too much Head, I usually give more points the taller and longer lasting it is, but there was always some hypothetical limit before, and now I know what it’s like when that limit is crossed. The bottle is kind of pretty though, but not really. What is it with the Flathead Lake and bad root beer? See how it rates against other root beers.

Half a root beer keg.

Aug 022017

Rollie's Premium Style Root Beer BottleThis is the first root beer that I’ve had that warns not to give to children under 1 year of age. I mean, giving babies soda probably isn’t ever a good idea, but this uses pure honey, and so they put the warning on it. I imagine they’ve never boiled it or else the botulism spores would probably be dead right? Wouldn’t the carbonation also take care of the bacteria? Either way, better safe than sorry I suppose. Rollie’s comes from the Mt. Tom Beverage Co. Which is a division of the Paper City Brewing Company. I’d been angling for this one for awhile and they finally came through and sent me a bottle. In addition to that infant sickening honey, they use pure maple syrup and cane sugar to sweeten so I had very high hopes going into this.

The Body has a strong licorice flavor with some maple and honey mixed in. It’s not super sweet and has a dark profile with fruity undertones. There’s not much Bite at all but it isn’t a smooth brew by any means. The Head is nice and tall with good staying power. The Aftertaste is sticky licorice with some hints of maple and vanilla.

This is unique but it’s off, sadly. Maybe it’s there’s some anticipointment from what I was hoping it would be based on what the label boasts, but also it’s not made like a maple-y creamy root beer, but a honey, maple dark root beer which I don’t think quite works. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs