Aug 152018

Stewart's Fountain Classics Root Beer BottleAwhile back I noticed that Stewart’s changed their recipe slightly. Not the drive-in Stewart’s, the bottled. They also added a “Fountain Classics” to their label. I’m pretty sure that means they’re a new root beer for me to try. And good thing too, it’s hard to keep finding new root beers, I mean, I need to drink 52 per year if I’m going to keep this Wednesday review going, and that ain’t easy. If only every new company would just mail me two bottles to try when they start up then I’d never have to worry about any of that … anyways, Stewart’s. It’s now Stewart’s Fountain Classics, it is still “Original” as in original from the original recipe, because it’s changed and all so it can’t be the original but it can still be original. And if that weren’t confusing enough, Stewart’s is also still “Cold Brewed Draft” which still makes no sense.

The Body is a little on the lighter side but has a classic flavor with some nice vanilla. The Bite is present but nothing special, just a little pique and burn. The Head is nice and tall and lingers. The Aftertaste is mild vanilla, not strong but good.

Not bad at all. In fact it’s quite refreshing. There is nothing really special about this but it’s nice and pleasant. There is also nothing bad or out of place which makes it better than the Original so this whole reformulation is a step in the right direction. I still won’t give it a Seal though, it’s not that good. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

Aug 082018

Yacht Club Root Beer Bottle Finally. Finally, finally, FINALLY! I was able to get a hold of this root beer. I’ve been trying to find some since 2011. The company would never answer answer my calls or emails and none of the distributors around here would carry it. I didn’t think that the company go under, they’ve been around for over 100 years at this point, but I was still worried that for some reason I would never get it. But then, about a year ago, The Root Beer Tracker got a hold of some and sent it to me. Yacht Club is the official soda of the state of Rhode Island, which isn’t actually an island, but if it were, it would make sense that they’d have a nautical themed root beer as their official root beer. I don’t know of any other states that have official sodas, so props to Yacht Club for making it happen.

The Body is pretty standard and generic with a creamy root beer flavor and a little vanilla. There’s a little fruity bit to it as well. The Bite is sharp on carbonation but light on spice. It doesn’t finish smooth either. The Head is solid, full points there. The Aftertaste is light and a little fruity.

Not bad. Not amazing by any means, but refreshing and nice. It’s a decent run-of-the-mill root beer that probably everyone will think is just good enough to be worth drinking when they’re in the mood for some yachting or some Rhode Island festival … stuff … ? Yeah, I don’t know what they do over there. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

Aug 012018

Polly's Pop Root Beer Bottle Polly’s Pop has its roots back in the 1920’s when a man named Louis, for some reason known as “Polly”, and a woman named Dorothea started the Independence Bottling Company in Independence, Missouri, which made Polly’s Pop. In 1972, however, it closed its doors. Then, in 2015, a lawyer by the name of McClain, who enjoyed Polly’s Pop as a child, resurrected the brand. He brought back bottling a year later. They use a 66 year old bottling machine to keep it as close to the original in every way possible. Because it’s called Polly’s Pop, they of course have a parrot on the label. Polly want a cracker? No he want’s a pop as evidenced by the bottle clutched in his zygodactyl foot (which has been one of my favorite words since elementary school). As with many in the craft root beer revival, this brand uses only pure cane sugar. Now the real question is was it worth bringing back.

The Body is rich and a little creamy. There’s a nice caramel flavor that stands out in a rather standard creamy root beer flavor. It’s very sweet and kind of heavy and syrupy as well. The Bite is on the small side and there’s a lot of spices to it. The Head is medium height but fizzes away too quickly. The Aftertaste is a mild and sticky vanilla.

This is pretty good, but not quite top notch. There’s not anything wrong with it at all, it’s just not amazing, and I like my brews amazing. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs