Apr 212021

Pennsylvania Dutch Root Beer Candy Stick
Another root beer candy from Pennsylvania Dutch Candies. I got this candy stick from my son for Christmas. I generally prefer candy sticks over rock candies as they have other ingredients than just plain sugar, so they have better texture.

It has a nice minty root beer flavor. It isn’t overly strong but wintergreen is by far the prominent flavor, especially if you bite it, but if you just suck on it the root beer is more balanced. All in all it’s fine as a candy unless you don’t like much wintergreen in you root beer.

It’s a good candy stick, pretty generic as far as they go but not bad in anyway. There’s not really a ton to say about a candy stick from a company I’ve already written about, other than it doesn’t really disappoint, which is really all you want in a candy stick.

Jan 292020

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies Root Beer Flavored Rock Candy Crystal Stick

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies started as a specialty candy store in Mount Holly Spring, PA back in the 60’s. In 1965 it was bought by The Warrell Corporation and began expansion. Today they can be found in all 50 states. One of those states is Minnesota, where my son found these at a local grocery store and got me this (and some other candies) for Christmas because he knew I needed to try it and write about it. How thoughtful. That’s the best sort of Christmas gift, in my opinion. Something useful, needed, and won’t take up space in the house. He nailed it. Anyways, back to the root beer rock candy stick.

The flavor is standard generic minty root beer that isn’t too strong or too weak. It has a more creamy flavor than old fashioned flavor, which I prefer. The texture, should you choose to crunch it, is that strange rock candy crystal texture, which is fun at first but then sort of annoying, unless you like that, then it’s great.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid root beer hard candy. It gives you the flavor you expect without being unpleasant in anyway. It’s also got that strange rock candy crystal texture. What else could you want?