Aug 072013

Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Bear BottleThis is a root beer with more questions than answers I’m afraid. It’s made by Cherry Republic, yet for some reason they call their soda line Boom Chugga Lugga. Another problem with their name is the whole root bear. I imagine that up in Michigan they pronounce the word ‘bear’ similar to ‘beer’ and they’re trying some word play like that whole Route Beer 66 nonsense, Though that’s not the case on the West Coast so it just seems strange. And why bears anyways? I don’t see the connection between cherries and black bears. They boast that it’s a cherry flavored root beer and include cherry juice concentrate in the ingredients. I don’t really like fruity brews so I didn’t really have high expectations for this.

The Body is generic root beer that is quickly eclipsed by a rich black cherry flavor. There’s almost a bubble gum taste to it for just a moment as the root beer fades away leaving only the cherry. It actually works and is quite delicious. The Bite is rather unimpressive. There’s a sharp carbonation sting but really no spices. It ends smooth. The Head is short and fizzes away quickly. It’s better than a two second Head but not much. The Aftertaste is a rich black cherry flavor with some creamy hints that seem like vanilla.

Hmm, I like it. I didn’t expect to at all, but the cherry really works with it. They were wise to use the black cherry flavor instead of a red or maraschino flavor. The latter two I think would have really detracted, but the black blends nicely and doesn’t seem the least bit out of place, rather it’s a nice twist on a root beer. The poor Head and Bite however pull it down. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs