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Yes, I know it’s not a root beer board book, but I’ve found if beer things find success, then similar root beer things often follow, being made in breweries and all. So some guys have got a KickStarter going and if you are interested in beer things, check out their press release below and maybe check their KickStarter.

Orlando, FL, USA – August 19, 2017: The Better Beer Book is the first ever board book on beers and the creators of this remarkable board book are now seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter to raise funds for this book. The board book is the ultimate guide for the beer lovers around the world and particularly in the United States and it has everything a beer enthusiasts needs to know.

“This board book is a much have guide for every beer enthusiast in America and we have created it in a shape of a beer can to inspire the love of beer in its readers.” Said Jeffery, the author The Better Beer Book. “This book has everything a beer lover needs to learn from the countdown of the top premium beer in the USA to several types of popular beer.” He added.

In addition, The Better Beer Book has 60 pages of content on beers and it is equipped with sliders with hidden inquiries. Moreover, it also has an authentic beer glossary along with the essence of beer, beer production and distribution of beers. The creator of this project has also announced that all those supporting the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will not only get this book as a reward for their pledge but will also get their name in the board book.

For more information and to support this project on Kickstarter, please visit the link below:


Aug 302017

Glacier Brewing Company Root Beer Bottle I know nothing about this brewery. Their website is completely devoid of any information about their history, philosophy, or anything other than what they make and where they are and merch and stuff. The one thing that I do know is that the brewery is in Polson, Montana. Polson is on the Flathead Lake, which is also the origin (the bottom anyways) of the only other root beer I’ve had from Montana. I wonder if there’s some connection between them, other than the lake. I also wonder what the background design on the label is supposed to be. Is that a glacier, the lake, the shape of the city limits? I’ve no clue at all. Perhaps it’s nothing and I’m looking for meaning where there is none, like that Ithaca label. I had to mail order this one by calling the brewery direct. Thankfully they actually shipped it with no delays.

The Body is sour with a light sarsaparilla and vanilla flavor. It’s also soapy with bitter notes. The Bite is sharp and sour, almost a fermented sour. The Head is too much, I never thought I’d say it, but it is. Pouring in 10% of the bottle fills my 20 ounce mug with foam. It also never seems to go away. And it tastes nasty. The Aftertaste is sour and bitter without much flavor.

I can’t believe that I am actually saying there’s too much Head, I usually give more points the taller and longer lasting it is, but there was always some hypothetical limit before, and now I know what it’s like when that limit is crossed. The bottle is kind of pretty though, but not really. What is it with the Flathead Lake and bad root beer? See how it rates against other root beers.

Half a root beer keg.

Aug 232017

A glass of Demented Brewing Company Root Beer Last week I had a rather sudden and unexpected business trip to New Jersey. And though you think you may know where this is going, you’re wrong, the first thing I didn’t wasn’t look for some new brewery, but rather to tell anthony that I was coming his way. You see, the only reviewer who’s been doing this longer than me is he, and though we’ve known about each other since the ’90s, we’ve never met. To share a brew with such a one as him was the first priority. And what luck, upon meeting he revealed that he knew of a brewery, not 10 minutes from his very house (and my hotel as it were, though a different direction), that he’d never tried. This was beyond my greatest expectations. The two root beer legends, sitting together for a review. The place was the Demented Brewing Company, who’s small taproom sported a very strange and demonically painted wall. But it was all Jersey Devil themed, which I guess is kind of big over there, so it’s not like they’re all devil worshipers or something. Just local legend loving. Anyways it was a nice small place with a friendly staff and a brew that was, well…

The Body rich and kind of creamy, but the flavors are also mild and standard. It’s sweet, there’s some licorice and wintergreen, a tad bit of vanilla, but it’s not overly strong in any one direction. The Bite is mild too, not much going on in the way of spices. There’s a very short Head but it lingers a bit. The Aftertaste is more mild licorice and wintergreen.

Ah, a pleasant yet forgettable brew. Nice and middle of the road so as not to offend. They said that the get the extract premade and then mix with sugar and a few other things, so it’s not like they put a whole lot of effort into it. That said, they have made sure that it isn’t a bad brew and as an added treat, they just give it away for free, which took anthony and I quite aback when we tried to pay our tab. So yeah, friendly place, nice people, drinkable root beer.

Three kegs

The picture the root beer world has been waiting for for decades.

The picture the root beer world has been waiting for for decades.