Apr 032024

Another trade with anthony. Bowl & Basket is a ShopRite brand, which was something I didn’t know about before I went looking. They don’t have Shoprite anywhere I regularly visit so I’m rather out of the loop when it comes to what they offer. They’ve got all sorts of taglines on their label, “Quality Assured” “Small Batch Crafted” “Cane Sugar Soda” and more, which is ironically typical of generic store brands. Each bit of text has a different font and size for some reason, I get not trying to be monotonous but it is a little all over the place. But they at least put it in glass so I can’t really complain because I get to review it.

The Body is sweet with a classic, yet generic flavor. There’s some vanilla and wintergreen though it isn’t very creamy. The Bite is prickly yet mild on spice. The Head is medium tall and fizzes away at about a medium speed. The Aftertaste is a sweet vanilla.

It’s a generic but pleasant and refreshing brew. As expected from a store brand with a bunch of generic taglines. But it isn’t unpleasant and assuming it’s cheaper than the other gourmet root beers, it could be what you get in a pinch if you’re stocking up for an event where you don’t like the people that much? I don’t really know. It was fun enough to drink. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

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