Sep 022015

Dog n Suds Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalOne from my BYU days, I ordered it in a variety pack online and when I got it one of my friends at the time told me how much she loved Dog n Suds. I didn’t actually ask for more info so I was completely lost as to what they were going for in their name. There’s a dog holding a hotdog and a mug of root beer so I assumed that the name came from a dog with a sudsy root beer, or maybe one is supposed to order a hotdog and the root beer supplies the suds. At the time it was an enigma but one I didn’t care to expend too much effort to solve (this was back before Percival C. McGillicuddy was on the scene). Finally someone emailed me at explained that it was a hotdog/root beer stand chain, hence ‘dog’ n ‘suds’. That would explain the whole “Drive In Style” on their bottle. I’ll just leave the original ratings table review the same so you can see the whole process of it back then.

The Body is creamy and good. The right type of flavor with nothing overly special but nothing wrong at all. It is all there. The Bite is a little on the weak side but I have said it before and I will iterate it, I like it SMOOTH! The Head is also nice and “sudsy?” though not as frothy as some of the others but definitely adequate. The Aftertaste also has got the right stuff.

I say that this root beer is just plain good. I understand the whole suds part of the name, it really is actually sudsy but in a good way. Though, unfortunately, it’s another brew to be tagged with ‘dog’ too much of that. Also, it’s a shame none of those drive-ins are remotely near me over here. Oh well. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

Aug 262015

Bottle of Berghoff Famous Root Beer I’m not sure if this is really that famous. It clearly says famous on the label, but other than the online site I bought this from, I’ve never seen nor heard about it. A&W I’d call a famous root beer, but Berghoff? I suppose it really boils down to what you define as famous and maybe they are in the region they’re from. There’s a very small “Chicago’s” written vertically in front of the famous which makes me wonder if it should be called Berghoff Chicago’s Famous Root Beer. The famous and the root beer are the same font so they clearly go together. This brew is also Old Fashioned and Draft Style, which are two cliches that really have no meaning in the root beer world as pretty much everyone uses them and there is no consistency between the root beers that do. I got this back in the late 1990’s in one of the first variety packs I ordered. No particular reason, I just needed to try it. It’s from a microbrewery Chicago who, like many others, developed it during prohibition.

It has a very sweet Body. It also had a nice Bite to it. The Head however was awful, almost none. The Aftertaste started out nice, but then turned icky and left a bad flavor in my mouth for quite some time.

This was almost drinkable on account of of the Body, but the Head and Aftertaste sealed its fate. Close, but not quite. For something as “bleh” as this, I really have to wonder again about the whole “Famous” part. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs

Aug 192015

Americana Root Beer Bottle I had ignored this root beer for several years as I thought it was the same Americana Cream Style. Then I finally dug out my old bottle and checked the ingredients and found that they were different, and it wasn’t called Cream Style any more. It doesn’t seem to be made by Seattle Specialty Beverages either. Rumor has it that the original Americana Cream Style folded and Orca changed things a bit and is just going with this Americana. Interestingly, the label doesn’t depict an Americana soda, i.e. things associated with the culture and history of America, esp. the United States. The original did but now it’s all “Delicious Vintage” and “Handcrafted” and whatnot. The irony of the first is not lost on me seeing that this is a brand new recipe. Hopefully they improved it over the first Americana I tried.

The Body has a dark sassafras flavor that turns rich and creamy with vanilla and honey. The Bite is lacking. The Head, despite the picture on the label, is the “two second Head” and thus dismal. The Aftertaste is vanilla and honey with some wintergreen. It’s very delicious and the best part of this brew.

Wow! That is definitely an improvement over the licorice beast that was Americana Cream Style. It still falls short in almost every category, especially and literally the Head, save that lovely Aftertaste. I’d drink this again, though I wouldn’t seek it out. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs