Apr 172019

Peeps Root Beer Float

Since it’s Easter week I thought I’d do a nice Easter candy post. And there are few Easter candies more iconic than the Peep. Those marshmallow sugar coated chicks (and rabbits) that always get Easter grass stuck to their sticky sides. They’re a really love ’em or hate ’em type of candy, and I love them. This year they made some special, limited edition flavors, including root beer float. Sadly, they were only available at Kroger and there are none of those near me at all. Thankfully Ebay exists and so I was able to acquire some.

It’s a peep, first and foremost, so it’s that sugar covered marshmallow flavor. The sugar has a decent root beer flavor, that mixes with the marshmallow to give the float effect. The root beer flavor is mild and generic, but no one would ever expect or even want a strong flavor in a peep. The fact that the sugary, marsmallowy confection has a distinct root beer flavor at all is enough for me.

So, I like them. They achieve the goal of retaining the experience of a standard Peep while augmenting it with a passable root beer float flavor. Which, I have found as I embark on this root beer product evaluating journey of mine, is harder to do than it would initially seem. So stuff your baskets full of these, because they won’t be around forever.

Apr 102019

Kemps Float Bars

Back to the ice cream section for me! I decided to do another supermarket walk through, this time for Cub Foods, the next closest to my house. As expected there wasn’t really anything till I got to the frozen treats, and then I found these and one other type (post coming soon). These float bars are basically a popsicle shell covering vanilla ice cream, getting the whole soda float vibe. Of course root beer is the flagship flavor, but there’s also orange and grape. Now I’ve never heard of a grape float but I guess that’s a thing, maybe? I don’t really care though, I just needed the root beer. I don’t know if they sell this at all in non-variety packs. All that was in my local Cub was this.

The root beer popsicle part has a very generic and very weak flavor. You can barely make out that it’s root beer. The vanilla ice cream is nice and sweet, but completely overpowers the weaker root beer shell, so it is hardly a root beer float flavor that you get.

Yeah, um, no. I don’t like this at all. The root beer is weaker than those root beer pops, and those were pretty mild. These just fall flat. I don’t recommend them at all. If you want a root beer float bar, look somewhere else.

Apr 032019

Bottle of Marco Root Beer The first root beer of my Montreal trip. I say first even though Tousignant was the first that I learned about and drank. I found this by Googling, and discovered that there were stores only about a 30 minute walk from my hotel, so I took off in the rainy evening after my work was complete. The first place only had their spruce beer. I prayed the second place, Fruiterie du Plateau, would have the root beer I desperately sought. And it did, and lo, it also had another root beer that I didn’t even know I needed to try, plus birch and spruce beers to trade to my good chums. What fortune had befallen me. Three root beers in a single trip. Surely only good things could come.

The Body sour, and icky, and yeasty. It’s really bad. The Bite is something prickly and spicy, but it isn’t good. The Head is super tall and foamy, so that is going for it at least. The Aftertaste is sour sarsaparilla that leaves a chalky residue in your mouth.

I hate this. Like, this is really awful. I actually live streamed myself reviewing the second bottle (while playing my mobile game) and you can see for yourself that it was a painful experience. I almost thought that maybe the bottles had spoiled somehow, despite having preservatives, but checking out some other reviews seems like it’s just a yeasty mess. I guess some people like yeasty drinks? This is probably the worst of the ones I’ve ever had. It does have a pretty bottle though, kind of. See how it rates against other root beers.

One out of five root beer kegs