Jul 102024

Back in February I found myself in Vermont for the first time in my life. If you want to know why, it was DERMS, DERMS of course it was DERMS. We actually flew into Albany and then drove to Rutland. I searched feverishly along the way to find some brewery making some maple syrup root beer to no avail. The second night there, I went to a grocery store to buy some snacks and found this local store brand. Hannaford is a grocery store chain up in those parts which I had never encountered before. They’re headquartered in Massachusetts so I think they’re a New England thing. They make a root beer using natural extracts and spices in small batches, if their marketing is to be believed. They also don’t use any preservatives. They also offer a double money back gaurantee so if I hate this I can make money. I do like the sound of that. More brands should pay me if I’m dissatisfied with their brews.

The Body is sweet and a little creamy. It’s also a bit weak. There’s a nice spicy Bite, with clove featuring prominently. The Head is decent. It’s medium tall and fizzes down slowly so there’s always some foam. The Aftertaste is slightly spicy clove with the smallest hint of wintergreen.

This is decidedly mid. I mean, that’s to be expected from a store brand. I’ll give that it isn’t generic, but it’s still mid. Better mid than none I say, when I comes to gourmet root beer, however. And I think as Drinkable, I don’t need my money back, so there’s that. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs