Jul 112013

Jack's Real Root Beer

Yesterday I had the fortune to discover a Kickstarter Campaign of the Shaktea Kombucha company who also brews their own organic root beer using real roots and spices. They’re trying to raise money for a bottling machine so they can bottle the root beer instead of it being served only on draft. If ever there were a worthy cause, this is one. I promptly made the pledge of $44 to secure a six-pack of the brew for reviewing, but with an $18 dollar pledge ($10 for shipping) you can get a single bottle. I encourage all of you to help improve the gourmet root beer world by supporting this company. For more information see the attached press release.


Contact: Meghan Dowd



Organic soda and kombucha makers launch a crowd-funding campaign to bring the first organic brewed root beer to the market.

FAIRFIELD, IA (July 8, 2013) – Shaktea Kombucha™, a producer of hand-crafted, raw organic kombucha and Jack’s Real Root Beer™, a brewed organic root beer announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign to increase production of healthier sodas and soda alternatives.

Kickstarter is an online crowd-funding platform where people can support projects by making pledges for as little as $1 in exchange for fun rewards.  Shaktea Kombucha has until August 4th to reach their $30,000 funding goal for an automatic bottling line. “Hitting this goal will allow us to bring Jack’s Real Root Beer to the market in bottles. We will be the only organic root beer, brewed from whole herbs, roots and spices on the market,” says Dowd.   “Kickstarter is a way for us to share our story and a way for people to actively support bringing products like ours to the market.”

Shaktea Kombucha, founded as a family-run microbrewery by Jack Dowd, Meghan Dowd and Deb Dowd, launched in June 2011 and is now certified USDA organic and available at over 30 retail market locations across Iowa.

For more information, visit:

Shaktea Kombucha Online: www.shakteakombucha.com

Shaktea Kombucha’s Kickstarter Campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1230047189/shaktea-kombucha-and-jacks-real-root-beer

*UPDATE* Sadly the Kickstarter campaign failed but they are looking into other options and still hope to be bottling in larger quantities by late fall.

Nov 282012

Bawls Guarana had just recently changed the name of their root beer from G33k B33r with the Root Beer name only on the cap to simply Bawls Guarana Root Beer. When asked if the recipes were the same the company responded “same delicious stuff! We simply changed the label to make it easier for people to know what was inside.”

While the first statement (it being delicious) is debatable, all those who aren’t fluent in 1337 will likely agree that the name is significantly more readable and even the leetspeakers will find it significantly less ambiguous as G33k doesn’t usually imply root and hence the jump from G33k B33r to root beer was hardly logical. Though, why they didn’t just call it r00t b33r from the start is probably something we’ll never know.

Nov 082012

Hires 8 pack ad
Every so often there comes a time when people need to band together to change the world, one of those times is now. For over 100 years Hires Root Beer, the original root beer, has been offered to the public for their root beer enjoyment. In recent years however, Hires has receded dramatically in distribution. Worse than that, however, is the fact that it is no longer offered in glass bottles.
The advantages of glass bottles are many, including:

  • Tradition
  • Infinitely Reusable
  • Infinitely Recyclable
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Better Taste
  • Especially Better Taste

For some root beers, this is not a problem, for the Original Root Beer, the Father of all Root Beers, this is a disgraceful shame that must be changed. I, the Root Beer Gourmet, therefore have taken it upon myself to start a petition to correct this problem. Please follow the link below and tell Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, the owners of the Hires brand, that we, the root beer connoisseurs of the world, demand better, we demand Hires Root Beer in glass!

Petition Link, Please Click and Sign