May 312017

The Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer Bottle So Rocket Fizz is back with another old TV show personality root beer. Since it’s their third, they decided triple down as it were, with the Three Stooges, perhaps a plug at their own inanity in continuing to make ever more root beers which compete primarily against the old TV personality root beers they’ve already made. The “Wise Guy” is a nice touch though, as is having all of the label in black and white other than their hats. Perhaps they’re planning on discontinuing one of the others. Perhaps they’ll keep cycling new ones. That’s good for me as a reviewer, as long as they don’t recycle recipes. This one has ester gum, which is a new ingredient for my list, so at least this one’s new. Now the real question is, will drinking it be like getting poked in the eye or watching someone else get poked in the eye?

It has a rather generic Body that’s rich and creamy. Licorice and something out of place and herbal are also present. There really isn’t much Bite other than carbonation, but it isn’t smooth either. The Head is really tall and foamy, no complaints there. The Aftertaste is vanilla with a little licorice.

This is good but rather unremarkable. It’s better than a poke in the eye, but not quite as much fun as watching those Stooges poking each other’s eyes. It is better than the previous two Rocket Fizz root beers, so they’re improving. Maybe in the future they’ll make one worth buying for more than the novelty factor. But not yet. See how it rates against rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

May 242017

Pint of LTD Brewing Company Root BeerSeal of Approval Yesterday and Monday I was in Minneapolis for another job interview but this time for a different company, doing different things. Choices choices if I get offers from both. So anyhow I was in Minneapolis and looking for root beer. Remembering the fabulous brew at Town Hall Brewery and others, I had high hopes for another amazing Minnesota find. I discovered the LTD Brewing Company was not far from my hotel and immediately set off. LTD stands for Limited Batches, Unlimited Possibilities. It was started by two friends who met at college in 2003 and set off on a quest to make their own beer. This eventually turned into a brewery rather than some college kids trying to get drunk cheaper. Early on in the process, though, they made a commitment to have quality root beer, the kind Minnesota is known for. They didn’t disappoint.

The Body is oh so sweet and creamy and rich and utterly delicious. There’s tons of wonderful vanilla flowing through it. It also has quite a sharp and substantial Bite from a myriad of spices yet manages to finish smooth. The Head is amazingly tall and it takes the multiple pours before the glass can actually fill with brew instead of foam. The Aftertaste is strong vanilla with some wintergreen undertones.

Wow! This is so good. So sweet and spicy, yet smooth and creamy and just really what I want to see in a root beer. Dang Twin Cities area, you have got the highest concentration of Seal of Approval brews I know of. This might be the place for me to live.

4.5 Kegs

The LTD Brewing Company.

The LTD Brewing Company.

The LTD Brewing vats.

The LTD Brewing vats.

Only $2.50 for a pint of some of the world's best root beer.

Only $2.50 for a pint of some of the world’s best root beer.

May 172017

US Foods Craft Root Beer BottleIn case you hadn’t noticed, craft sodas have really become a thing in the last few year. This is great news for a reviewer of gourmet craft root beers. It’s become so much of a thing that even larger companies are getting into it. US Foods, for those who don’t know, is a large restaurant supplier and wholesaler. They created a Craft Artisan soda line to address our needs of fine craft root beers in our restaurants. They are all natural as well. The picture on the label is some French chef type person. I think he’s a chef. He looks French, with the beret and the striped shirt. His expression is not one you’d expect on a root beer bottle for sure. Despite this coming from a large restaurant wholesaler, they don’t really supply many places in the Puget Sound Area, so I ended up ordering it from Minnesota.

The Body has a nice vanilla and sweet birch flavor accented by spices. It is well proportioned. The Bite is small put present with a bit of cassia and nutmeg burn. The Head is medium but fizzes away very quickly unfortunately. The Aftertaste is a light birch and vanilla.

This is a good one. It has a nice birchy tang to it, but the Head is disappointing. Additionally, it could use a little more rooty depth to it. But it’s definitely worth getting with your meal. I’m glad to see that root beer world is getting this kind of addition. Here’s hoping more companies follow suit. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs