Dec 252019

Pucker Powder Sweet Root Beer

Last time I was at Blue Sun Soda I noticed this in their candy section. They had little plastic tubes of various sizes where you could fill from the various flavors, including this “Sweet Root Beer”. Pucker powder itself is the creation of Creative Concepts, Inc. Their start was actually dispensers for colored sand in order to make tube art. They expanded the idea to make “interactive candy art”. The idea is the station will have multiple flavors, each of a different color, which you can dispense into your tube to make colorful designs. Then you can eat it because that’s way more fun than mere sand. I think it’s a very cool concept, yet I was only interested in their root beer, so I only got the smallest tube possible and filled it with nothing but that.

It has a chalky texture and is sweet, though not as sweet as I’d expected. It’s a little tart and the root beer flavor is mild and generic and you can’t really make out any specific flavors. It reminds me of my memory of the root beer Bottle Caps I would eat as a child.

This isn’t very good to be honest. I don’t really like the flavor, nor the texture. Maybe some of the other flavors are better, but I didn’t try them. It reminds me of pixie sticks, though a less sweet version of them, which I think actually makes it a bit worse. If you’re the sort of person who loves to consume flavored sugar powder in large quantities though, you may love these. Or if you love to make edible art, you’ll probably not care as much about the flavor and when you need that sort of tan color, you’ll get some of this. I’m not really in either camp so I’ll pass on the whole thing in the future.

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