Nov 132019

Kenny's Candy Root Beer Licorice

Another find from Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. Kenny’s was started in 1987 as a bulk supplier of red and black licorice twists. They’ve expanded into other types of candies, and other flavors of licorice, including this root beer. They actually make two types of licorice twists, these and an A&W but I’ll talk about those another time. I really, really love licorice so I have high expectations for these.

The root beer flavor is mild and generic. There’s a hint of wintergreen and I almost catch a hint of fruity in there. On the whole they’re very sweet but weak.

You can tell it is root beer flavored, but it’s not very satisfying when you’re looking for that root beer fix. I think I’ll pass on these in the future. There are better root beer flavored candies and better flavors of licorice. Hopefully I’ll find a better root beer licorice too. It shouldn’t be hard.

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