Mar 012017

butchertown_big Butchertown is not actually a town. It’s a historic neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. At one point it had many breweries and distilleries. Though it became more and more industrialized, the few remaining residents fought to protect their community and have a preservation society and stuff. So what does that have to do with the soda company? I’m not sure. Details are scarce in that regard, but I imagine some thrifty entrepreneur decided that a soda company was just what the historic neighborhood needed to bring back the character from the days of yore. The label on the bottle is thick textured paper with an old photo of Butchertown, to help with that historic feel.

The Body is sweet with a strong sarsaparilla flavor. There;s some spices and vanilla in there as well but the dominant flavor is the sarsaparilla by far. The Bite is solid on account of said spices. The Head is nice and tall and the Aftertaste is sarsaparilla and vanilla.

Yum, this is a nice sarsaparilla. It’s a decent root beer too. Regular followers of my site will know how I feel about making root beers that taste like good other things and not overly like root beers. Then there’s the whole sarsaparilla/root beer debate as well, and I say they are different beasts, though closely related, cousin sodas if you will. So what does that all mean? I can’t give it a Seal, but I can say that it’s yummy. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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