May 112016

Stewart's Root Beer BottleI can’t remember where I found this but I know when I found it, the year at least. It was in 1999, a year after I’d started reviewing. I know because I have a 75th anniversary bottle that clearly says since 1924 and I can do math. It also says “Original” (aren’t they all) and “Cold-Brewed Draft”, which at first seems pretty cool until you start to think about it. Then it doesn’t really mean anything. Are they trying to say its style is cold-brewed draft (whatever that means)? They can’t be implying that the brew is a draft since it’s clearly bottled. Cold-brewing is a process for coffee, not soda or beer. Since it’s a mass produced root beer, it is most probably just a mixture of a bunch of different extracts. Calling such a procedure cold-brewing is politician like levels of stretching a definition. And thus it probably never was supposed to mean anything and is just more marketing buzzwords thrown on there to imply higher quality at a first glance and complete stupor of thought at a more rigorous examination … what was I doing again? Oh yes, reviewing a root beer.

This has a good Body, good Head, and a decent Bite. But, the Aftertaste is a weird one that lingers too long so that the more you drink the less you want.

And thus a truly average root beer continues to stand the test of time. No one will say that it’s nasty and I’m sure that no one, and I mean, NO ONE will say it’s the best. But it’s a root beer and without ones like this we wouldn’t be able to really appreciate the good ones now would we? See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs

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  1. My wife thinks it has a maple flavor… the kind you get when you eat maple bar donuts.

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