Mar 092016

Deerfield Trading Company Old Fashioned Root Beer This was renamed to Good and D’Lish Root Beer sometime after I initially reviewed it. It was the first new root beer I found when I moved back to Seattle for grad school. I found it at the local Wallgreens and was very pleased to do so. I checked with the manager and found out that it was their premium store brand. They also have a Walgreens root beer in plastic. That’s something I’d like to see more of. Stores with their own gourmet root beer lines in addition to their cheap swill, or maybe just eliminate the cheap stuff all together like H-E-B and have your brand be something awesome. What’s cool about this is that it’s a 16 ounce bottle with a unique shape and one of those resealable caps. You don’t see those often on glass bottled sodas. They boast on the bottle that they don’t use any HFCS but they also don’t use pure cane sugar either, so it’s sort of a halfway effort for people who care about that sort of thing.

The Body is sweet and creamy though with a tad too much licorice. The Bite is nice and spicy. The Head is short, with a medium froth, which is rather disappointing. The Aftertaste is dark and almost candyish.

This is good, but the licorice is a little too strong for my tastes. Also the Head is too weak, so sorry Deerfield, no Seal for you. However, for a store brand this is pretty near top notch. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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  1. It appears that Walgreens no longer markets this pretty-good root beer; I’ve gone into several Walgreens over the last few months and there’s no sign of it in the coolers where it previously resided. I haven’t figured out if they’ve simply renamed it. Talk about bang-for-the-buck, and it was often on sale for an even better deal.


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