Dec 022015

Bottle of Frankie's Root Bier For some reason the folks at Frankenmuth Brewery decided that they’d spell beer the German way for their root beer. Interestingly they didn’t use any other German words. I guess they’re just a little bit German. There’s a wiener dog on the label and supposedly the brewery was also originally known for its purebred Dachshunds. But the brewmeister grew tired of the walking sausages and needed to get rid of them. He convinced a local boy to take them in exchange for the fresh root beer. I’m wondering just what the exact terms of the contract was. Hopefully the boy was getting more than a case, like maybe a 6 pack a week or a free frosty mug every time he showed up or something for as long as the dogs were alive. Then the name Frankie is either from the boy, the dogs, or hot dogs (franks), at least according to the bottle. They were probably very disappointed that III Dachsunds Root Beer was already taken, and they had to come up with another name. This is another brew that boasts “Michigan Beet Sugar” Those Michiganders must really love their beets.

The Body is fruity, really fruity, with a decent amount of vanilla. It’s also kind of sour and not very strong. It’s a very smooth brew without a lot of Bite to it. The Head has a good height but lacks the staying power to really be great. It’s alright. The Aftertaste is more fruity vanilla.

I never was a fan of sour fruity root beers. That boy must have been or the whole trade deal wouldn’t have made much sense. To each their own I suppose. See how it rates against other root beers.

2 out of 5 root beer kegs

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