Jan 072015

A Bottle of Captain Jack's Root Beer Soda Argh! Another pirate themed root beer. I’d venture that the pirate theme is the second most popular root beer theme (with dog being the first unfortunately). This is brewed by the Drunk Monkey Brew Werks whose inability to spell ‘works’ properly could be from either the drunkenness or the monkey-ness. I’m not sure. Either way the fine Captain Jack has such a meticulously crafted elaborate website that all will be forgotten. The identity and back story of Captain Jack is unknown, though maybe they were going for Jack Sparrow but didn’t want to infringe on copyright or something. Or perhaps they’re going for Jack Black when he was still alive. Their stated goal is to create eco-sensitive products and locally source materials, the irony of my then having it shipped across the country from Pennsylvania is not lost on me.

The Body is sort of rich and sort of dark. There’s some wintergreen and the slightest bit of honey but not much. There’s a tad bit of Bite but not a lot. It isn’t really very smooth though. The Head is medium in height and frothiness. It lingers but not as long as I prefer. The Aftertaste is some wintergreen.

This stuff is pretty good. I wish the honey had a stronger presence though. The second bottle I had was noticeably better than the first but still within the whole range of what I was thinking. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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  1. it’s a shame they ceased production just last week. alas…

    • Things like that always make me worried about not acquiring every known root beer as soon I know of their existence.

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