Sep 202013


I just noticed that I’ve tried 204 root beers at the time of this posting. To celebrate the 200th root beer (which hasn’t posted yet) I decided to have a contest. Be the first person to guess which root beer was my 200th and I’ll send you two bottles of any root beer I have available to me (anything at The Root Beer Store, Pallino, Joe’s, Dublin Texas). Be the first to guess the correct root beer and the date the review will post, and I’ll give you 6 bottles of root beer.

1 Guess per person
Guess must be emailed to me at
Guess must include the name of the root beer and the post date

While the blog posts only post once a week, bottled root beers are added to the ratings tables as soon as I write up the review and every bottled root beer I’ve ever tried can be viewed there.
Not every root beer that’s in the ratings tables have blog post reviews written for them yet (sorry, I’m working on it)
The 200th root beer may be a Draft or Keg Root Beer, Growler Root Beer, or a Root Beer Stand Root Beer, and if it is, it would have come from the Puget Sound area and not from some random place from my many travels.
All the clues regarding the brew and how to figure out what and when have been previously given on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere on the site.

Happy hunting!

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