May 012013

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer BottleThis has a really cool bottle. I’ve never seen another bottle like it. It’s really neat when a company has their own unique bottle. It’s a classy bottle as well. With the diamonds, the embossed name, and the short stubby look to it. The label is even painted on, so it makes me wonder if they still reuse their bottles. The company is Canadian in origin whose founders seem to be anti-hippies according to their website which is more to their credit. Their original gimmick was that they would have their own pop outlets to cut out the middle man and reduce prices. While it worked for awhile they were eventually bought and now, thankfully, you can get them through other distributors, which is how I cam across this on.

The Body is sweet on the initial contact and then is a little creamy with a hint of fruity. It is a little light on some of the essential root beer flavors and isn’t really creamy enough for a quality root beer. The Bite is very smooth, which isn’t a bad thing. The Head is how a Head should be. Frothy, foamy, and it lasts forever. Seriously, I do believe the pyramids will erode before the Head fully disappears. I have never seen a root beer Head last so long. Maybe it’s the propylene glycol they put in it (I’ve never had a root beer with that either.) The Aftertaste is sweet and slightly creamy and fruity.

So the fruity really ruins this one, as well as the light flavors. It does recoup a lot of points on from that eternal Head, but still not quite enough to win a Seal of Approval. It does win the Diamond Head Award, if I had such an award, but I don’t so it really only gets 3.5 kegs. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs

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