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Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalThis was a root beer I was not excited at all to drink. While a caramel cream root beer is very intriguing, a brownie caramel cream root beer sounds terrible. I just can’t imagine putting chocolate in root beer and having it come out in any way good. I suppose Brownie might just be the name and have nothing to do with the flavor, but there’s a lot more wrong with this. There’s the Peter Pan wannabe ordering you to “Drink” his pixie concoction all framed on a what looks like a Chinese knockoff Pepsi logo. Is that even legal? Aren’t they violating at least two trademarks with that? Perhaps side text on the bottle gives some explanation. “With a Sprite on the label, it’s easy to see how this mischievous and delicious blend of root beer & caramel came about” … What? No, no, NO! That makes no sense at all, and now they’ve gone and violated a third trademark. Can it get any worse? “CONTAINS MILK” … Words fail me.

The Body has a very rich sassafras flavor that gives way to luscious caramel and cream that thankfully tastes nothing like brownies. It’s absolutely delicious. There is a prickly carbonation Bite but not much in the spice department, rather, it is nice and smooth. The Head is medium height but fizzes away in less than a minute unfortunately. The Aftertaste is more rich caramel and cream that lasts just long enough to make you want more but not so long as to be annoying when you can’t get it.

Well, I wasn’t prepared for that. I really love this flavor. I love creamy caramel flavored root beers and this takes it to a whole new level. You can really get lost in that caramel and never want to come back. It seems that the milk comes from real cream, but it works like I’d never imagined. Sweet and rich and smooth and lovely. This blew me away. The Head is disappointing but just barely good enough. I guess you can’t judge a root beer by it’s label. See how it rates against other root beers.

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  1. Uh…….”the Peter Pan wannabe ordering you to ‘Drink’ his pixie concoction” is a brownie. And I agree that it’s a nice brew.

    • Oh, lol, that does make sense. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Willow, which is my only exposure to brownies. Anyway, it is funnier my original interpretation.

  2. Now you’ve got me! I have no idea of what “Willow” is. However, I do intend to buy more Brownie when next I see it for sale. A VERY interesting root beer.

  3. Yeah, I was coming to comment that Brownie was the brand and nothing to do with the flavor, but Karen kinda beat me to that.

  4. If it wasn’t already clear from previous comments, a “brownie” is just another name for a “pixie” or “elf”, which is why there’s a picture of one on the bottle.

    Regardless… I agree, this is a good root beer.

    • Yes, but this was the actual thought process I went through before drinking it and I thought it would be fun to write it that way as well.

  5. While I do myself LOVE Brownie Root Beer, some of your pre-taste comments are just asinine. For instance, the “Chinese knockoff Pepsi logo” phrase is absurd. Brownie was using their logo, in slightly varying forms for over 20 years before the “Pepsi Globe” was introduced. Another interesting point you made was of the drink ingredients containing “milk”. Admittedly my confectioner skills are basic, but caramel sans milk is exactly what you would expect once the sugars cool…rock like. I’m guessing the “milk” products allow miscibility of the caramel to the other base ingredients. My point is that in attempts to be humorous, credibility for the review was lost. As a final note…to be fair, I surveyed nearly 50 random folks at the particular local establishment of procurement and not a SINGLE person thought that the Brownie in the name was a flavor. There was nearly a unanimous consensus however that the addition of such flavor would be disgusting.

    • You seem like you are being way too serious about a review for Root Beer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone not being aware of random trivia.

      I also find it hilarious that you surveyed 50 random people (assuming that’s even true) over a bottle of root beer. Try being less pretentious sometime.

  6. Brownie root beer was originally produced by Atlas pop on Conant Avenue in Detroit. Atlas closed for good in 1996 and the Brownie recipe along with many others was licensed years later to Orca beverages in Washington State. The sprite and label are mostly original and predate Peter Pan by about a decade. Orca specializes in reproducing vintage soft drinks.

  7. This root beer is terrible. At first it tastes good, but that aftertaste. Ugh. Goblin cum. Just not good at all.

  8. Add ice cream and it COMPLETELY changes the flavor!! I was not a fan of this one right out of the bottle but it makes the absolute best float I ever had

  9. Best Root Beer I have ever had and I have tried many.

  10. This was an odd RB. It took me a whole bottle to place the weird flavor I was getting, alas it was a hint of coconut.

    Pass on this.

  11. I guess I should note, that at the time I first got this, I was aware of Baco Pop! Root Beer & Chocolate soda as well as a brewery in Texas (since gone under) that made a Chocolate Coconut Root Beer. With that in my mind, Brownie Caramel Cream (which honestly sounds like a delicious dessert) Root Beer was just the natural extension of a trend that was starting. I was obviously wrong, but with that additional context, I hope it makes more sense to you my thought process. Still this is one of my favorite reviews ever to have written and I regret nothing.

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