Jul 302012

After being lost to the world for 38 years, Triple AAA Root Beer has been relaunched recently by the Bricktown Candy Co. in Oklahoma City, OK. This is the fruition of a goal owner Justin Thomas had when he first opened his candy store. ” I wanted to have a soda line that I could sell in the off season….I had an off season at the beggining when I opened the candy store. The first week in business I had a newspaper guy come in to do a store. He suggested I not open my own branded soda company but open the old Oklahoma Brand that I had on the wall behind me. So I did. … I had to pull my hair out to get it to open but we finally put all the pieces together.”

A large part of the reason that it was so difficult is that the original owner is deceased and took his secret recipe with him. Justin was able to track down the descendants and working with them, was able to bring back the flavor they know and love. As for now, Triple AAA Root Beer is only available at the Bricktwon Candy Co. but Justin hopes to expand in the future. Here’s wishing him the best of luck with his root beer endeavor.

  5 Responses to “Triple AAA Root Beer Relaunches after 38 Years”

  1. I picked up a bottle of this at Pop’s on Route 66 and I’m glad they brought it back. Sadly another Oklahoma original root beer is in danger of being lost if somebody does not try and rescue the recipe for Coit’s root beer since they closed all of their locations.

  2. Do they bottle Coit’s?

  3. no, it was draft only. That’s the problem with these homemade root beer stands that were family owned and then close down. The recipe stays with them. There are, however, family members still alive I believe so one would assume they still have the recipe but I would not know how to contact them. There is info about the history and closing of the restaurants on the web which is pretty interesting.

  4. This root beer is a knockoff. Not the original formula.

  5. I read the original recipe with lost forever and the family’s Recreation is not dark enough not sweet enough and not flavorful not enough sassafras root in the form they used. without a doubt the strongest sweetest best tasting root beer I’ve ever had in my life.

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