Apr 152012

So the last two weeks as I traversed the land of the Lusitans, visiting in-laws and showing off the new baby, I personally quested to see if root beer could be found in the rather ‘dry’ continental Europe. I know that there are British and Australian root beers but I’ve never heard of it in any other country outside North America. While a Portuguese brand seemed far too unattainable, I wondered if I could at least find an American or British brand imported. That way, thirsty American expats could at least enjoy the most wonderful of drinks.

After a week and a half of fruitless searching, I was in Cascais, a tourist beach town west of Lisbon. We had just seen a really cool coastal landmark called Boca do Inferno and finished a nice lunch in the center square. As we walked across the square I noticed on the opposite side the restaurant “Happy Days” an “Ital American 50’s Diner and Bar” If anywhere should have root beer, such a place should. I went in and looked at the drinks behind the bar to see, and there it was, like a grail shaped beacon to a questing knight, root beer! A&W in cans.

So root beer found, victory! Well, I won’t drink it, I don’t drink root beer in cans after all, so defeat. But, for any American, or anyone who loves a decent root beer and doesn’t mind it in a can, staying Portugal, here is where you can get it:
Happy Days Diner and Bar
Edifício S. José, Loja 3, Jardim Visconde da Luz
Cascais · 2750-416

A close up on their sign.

There it is, next to the Old Jamaica Ginger Beer and the Compal

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  1. I just love the old Root Beer cheers.

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    Happy Days Cascais

    You can now find your thrill….. not on Blueberry Hill, but at the Happy Days Grill, an American Diner style Restaurant Bar now opened in Cascais. Something refreshingly new for Cascais, the Happy Days Diner & Bar Experience is a nostalgic trip back to the 50’s. The post war Golden Era of consumeris…

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  2. Thank you for such good news! At last some place were I can find root beer. I always have it at home, but I have to ask all my friends in NYC and Canada to bring it to me and every once a year, when I go to NYC I pack 24 cans! Thank you for being a tourist in Portugal…you search what we don’t! LOL


    • I’m glad I could help. Though, I’m hardly a tourist in Portugal, with my wife and children all dual citizens and all of my in-laws over there, it’s more like a second home almost.

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