Mar 282012

The third and final brew from Anthony’s package, at least the final one that survived. He had put some Amish root beer in there as well but it spilled everywhere. Probably because it got lost in the mail for so long and I have proof that my mail carrier is grossly negligent and down right destructive of my mail. I think someday I’m going to snap his picture and write a blog post about him and all of the root beer he has destroyed. Anyways, I digress. Back to Briar’s. It has a very simple label that doesn’t really give me much material to go on. “Great Soda Since 1937” We’ll see about that.

It’s a medium Body in this brew with a distinct caramel flavor. Then it gets sour unfortunately. It is also mildly creamy with hints of vanilla. Then comes a sharp and sour carbonation Bite that sadly is rather devoid of spices. The Head is short yet foamy which is ok at best. The Aftertaste is a sour caramel vanilla that lasts too long and is kind of icky.

The first few drinks this are decent but it quickly deteriorates. “Great Soda”? Give me a break. Maybe their company has some other great flavors but this stuff? And why is it so sour? Sodium citrate and citric acid may have something to do with it. But then there are a whole host of other problems with this. The bottle also says “Enjoy!” though I think that is sarcasm. See how it rates against other root beers.

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