Feb 232012

I have recently embarked on a new gourmet root beer quest, to catalog every ingredient that has been placed in gourmet root beer. The ingredients will come directly from the bottles until I get to the bottom of every single last “natural flavor” and additive. I’ll be categorizing them as Roots, Other Flavorings, Spices, Sweeteners, or Additives. Since a large focus on this will be to root (pun intended) out the different roots and ingredients, I have registered rootbeerroot.com to specially link to the page. I hope someday that this will become the world’s most complete list of root beer ingredients. It’s in its infancy right now, but I’ll be updating it regularly with the rest of the site.

  2 Responses to “Root Beer Root – A New Project and a New Domain”

  1. if you’d like i could probably spit out a data dump of all of the ingredient lists i have in my database. i did not start saving them until a few years ago so it is only a 100 or so i would guess, but still might be handy.

    • That would be cool if it isn’t too inconvenient for you. I was just going to update the list manually by going through my old bottles and checking any new bottle to see if it has a new ingredient. If you do send a database dump, I’ll give you a thanks and a link-back on the page. I should probably look into setting up a database myself, but then again, how many different ingredients will there be?

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