Jul 082015

Victory Root Beer BottleSo this one was one of the trickier ones to get a hold of. When I learned about it I called the Victory Brewing Company to see if I could order some. They said ‘no’ they wouldn’t mail order it. They “couldn’t” because “logistics issues” I pleaded and explained that I wanted to review it for my site. They finally said that they could send me some as a promotional sample, but only if I promised not to post about it for at least several months. That’s the strangest request I’ve ever had. They said they don’t want to build expectations for people and then disappoint them when they can’t mail order it. Still, that’s really strange. This thing called the internet kind of makes it hard to keep a secret of your product that your actively selling. Nevertheless, I’ll honor such a request to get a new root beer. Plus my queue was a year and a half out by that time. I promised I’d keep the secret. And I got some free root beer over it. Not a bad turn of events, though strange.

The Body is medium strength with vanilla but turns sour and fruity; a rich and creamy fruity, but still fruity. The Bite is decent with spices but has a smooth finish. The Head is impeccable. It’s very tall and frothy and foamy and wonderful. The Aftertaste is a fruity vanilla that builds as you drink it.

I never was one for fruity root beers. This one isn’t a bad fruity, but not a good fruity either. The whole root beer is pretty good without the fruity. The extra nice Head bumps it up a bit. I’d drink it again, if it were available. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs