Apr 132016

Dad's Root Beer BottleAnother iconic brand that is seldom found it glass bottles though commonly found in cans and plastic two-liter bottles. This was one that I had enjoyed as better than the average back in my pre-connoisseur days during the occasional pizza night or barbecue. And by average I mean Cragmont, the precursor to Safeway Select which was the precursor to whatever they have now, Refreshe or something like that. Who cares, they don’t properly bottle it. Anyways. I was traveling up in the Mystic Land of the North on a quest to see The Arrogant Worms, the same quest in which I found the Pirate’s Keg Root Beer. I can’t remember the store where I found this, probably a gas station, but I do remember finding it there. It is the exact same as in the US except with the Racinette on the label. I got three bottles and waited until I had returned to give it a proper review.

This is alright. The Body is good. The Bite is a little harsh for me, I like it smooth. The Head is nothing special. The Aftertaste is not displeasing.

So as we’ve covered before, I was a little, shall we say, less than descriptive in my earlier writings. Whereas before I had thought of it as above average, I’d say it is only an average gourmet root beer, though my standards are much higher than they had been when I quaffed Cragmont “Brown” from the can. It’s still good enough for those pizza parties if you get it in glass. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs