Jun 202012

A picture of a train … could it be, the Reading Railroad? That’s right, this is the root beer sports the railroad of Monopoly fame, and therefore, I dub it the Official Unofficial Monopoly Root Beer! Though, this root beer predates Monopoly by about 14 years. Either way, the title stands. The label itself is pretty cool and classy, and reminds me of another root beer favorite of mine, Iron Horse. Maybe I should start categorization of root beers by their label graphic. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what the best tasting railway themed root beer is, right? Perhaps another day. Anyhow, on to the Monopoly Root Beer!

The Body is crisp and full with the standard root beer flavors plus a little vanilla. Then there’s an out of place fruity type flavor that really detracts from it. The Bite is sharp and sour. The Head is medium to high height with medium froth. It’s good no doubt, but not exceptional. The Aftertaste is vanilla with that out of place fruity flavor again.

So, kind of disappointing. Of the two bottles I tried, the first was definitely better with the out of place flavor less noticeable, but still there. With the second bottle that fruity type flavor was pretty strong. I’m going to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and assume that the majority of their bottles of root beer are not like the bad one I got, but more like the first one. So this will go good with the snacks you’ll inevitably eat while you play Monopoly but I wouldn’t sit down to a game with only this to tide me over. See how it rates against other root beers.