Oct 282015

Propeller Root Beer Bottle This is from a trade with a fine fellow by the name of Red Hunt who likes to travel and write about said travels. He also likes root beer, though he doesn’t write about that. Most importantly though (for me anyways) is that he’s Canadian which means in addition to saying ‘eh’ several times in each sentence, he has access to brews that are much harder for me to get. This one for instance, comes all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where, coincidentally, my brother is serving his mission. It comes in a 341 ml bottle which is a really strange volume. It doesn’t convert to an even number of anything else. The closest is in imperial ounces, which it is 12.0015. They just wanted to be different I guess. The label says that it’s produced by the John Allen Brewing Company but the cap says it’s from the Propeller Brewing Company. It looks as if those are the same, but seriously guys. Get your act together. Strange volumes and can’t make up your mind on the name of your own company. Who knows what other strangeness you’ve got.

The Body is sweet with the standard creamy root beer flavor. It is a little on the light side but it has some nice cane sugar and vanilla as well as some spice. The Bite is decent from the aforementioned spice. I think I want to say there’s some cinnamon. The Head is medium height with average staying power. It forms large bubbles as it fizzes down which is kind of unique. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and cane sugar that doesn’t quite last long enough.

This is a good brew that just needs to be a little stronger. At least they’ve largely got making their root beer figured out. With the other oddities I half expected it to be some weird fusion crossover type root beer. This is probably better. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs