Oct 242018

Private Selection Creamy Ginger Root Beer Bottle Another store brand getting the gourmet fever and bottling their root beer in glass. This one’s from the Kroger stores and not to be content with just bottling their root beers properly, they wanted to add some flair. So, they made it a “Creamy Ginger” root beer. Props to that. I love flavored root beers. Ginger root beers are not as common as some of the others like butterscotch and vanilla, but a lot of root beers have ginger, so I had high hopes for this. Their label is a bit eclectic, with numerous fonts and sizes and serifs and sans and what not. There’s also the curious bit that reads “enhanced with a touch of creamy ginger flavor with a smooth finish” While this seems straight forward, the more I read it the more confused I become. Is it the creamy ginger flavor that has the smooth finish, the whole root beer, or is the smooth finish an additional enhancement? I may never know, though perhaps the drinking of the brew enlightens in that respect.

The Body is sour and a little fruity with a strong ginger flavor and an utter lack of any of the quintessential flavors that characterize a root beer. There is a strong Bite from all of the ginger. The Head is nice. It’s tall and foamy with little tiny bubbles. The Aftertaste is more sour ginger.

Um, this is not a root beer, this is a ginger beer, and not a particularly good one either. Maybe like that curious tagline, there’s some missing punctuation in their title, like maybe they meant to say Creamy Ginger Root, Beer and not Creamy Ginger, Root Beer as we’ve all interpreted it? Or maybe they just made a really bad root beer. I may never know their true intentions, but I know I’m not drinking this again. See how it rates against other root beers.

2 out of 5 root beer kegs