Oct 142011

The first question that I had was why did they call it Old Fashioned root beer and not Olde Fashioned? I mean it is Olde¬†Philadelphia. Perhaps old fashioned root beer isn’t old enough for the extra ‘e’. The second question I had was “why is the label almost pealing off?” and crooked for that matter. A crappy crooked label doesn’t help convince people you have a “gourmet soda.” But then again, this is from Philly, the home of Hank’s. Ever since Hank’s, I’ve had a soft spot for Philly. So perhaps this root beer from the same city got some of that awesomeness that Hank’s exudes.

It does have a nice full Body that is rich and creamy. It is also pretty sweet from all of the invert sugar. The Bite is a sharp on the tongue, mostly from carbonation but there are some spices in there too. It still goes down smooth. The Head is medium height and froth. It lasts long enough. The Aftertaste is sweet hints of vanilla that lasts just about the perfect amount of time. This is a solid brew that is very enjoyable.

It seems that this is at least the second and most recent iteration of root beer from the Olde Philadelphia Soda Co. Also a perusal of the web reveals that the previous iteration was not near as good as this one (though it had a much cleaner label). So pat yourselves on the back Olde Philly Soda Co. You did it right this time. See how it rates against other root beers.