Dec 142011

My $100 review. What, you say? I spent $100 to drink two bottles of this root beer? No, I didn’t. But, I found out that since I had bought it and before I got around to drinking it (I have a rather large queue you see) it got discontinued. The only store that still had any had decided that since there was almost nothing left the price per bottle should be $50. Supply and demand they say. Fair enough on the supply side, but where is the demand? I don’t know if anyone would pay $50 to try one bottle of root beer except for maybe someone like me, who was intent to try all of the root beers (I know, there are already ones I’ve missed). But, I already had my two bottles at that point so I didn’t need any more to accurately review. I’m not sure about other reviewers. I’m also not sure if I would pay $50 per bottle if I didn’t have them yet, but I really only paid about $4 so I don’t have to make up my mind about that yet. Then again, maybe it is so amazing good that I would spent hundreds to buy up the last bottles.

It has a medium Body with a creamy caramel flavor. I actually really like the flavor. There is a decent spicy Bite from some cinnamon I think, or other spice. The Head is the classic Two Second Head though, very disappointing. The Aftertaste is a spiced caramel flavor with vanilla.

So, it is a pretty decent brew. Worth $50 to get another one? I think not. Though I will miss it a tad and thus mourn its passing with a moment of silence … Ok, I’m over it. See how it rates against other root beers.