Oct 232013

Old Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer Bottle I ordered this online a few years back as part of a variety pack. I can’t remember the circumstances very well, probably just another pack of 12 bottles and 4 varieties while I was an undergrad at BYU. I chose it for no particular reason, there were lots of brews back then that I needed. I’d always try to grab at least one that I though would be good and one I thought looked terrible and then ones that were cheap, with this being one of the cheap ones. The bottle is pretty simple but does have a nice label. It is actually produced by White Rock Beverages, one of America’s oldest beverage companies from 1871 or something. It’s also Kosher which is actually pretty easy to achieve with a soda but important if you’re in a place like New York with a large Jewish population.

The Body is very hollow and watery. It is sweet with a candy flavor, but it doesn’t really taste like root beer. The Bite is nonexistent and neither is the Head. In fact, this root beer is almost completely flat. The Aftertaste is weak and fruity with a hint of cream.

This stuff is not good, like really, not good at all. I also wonder where the root beer flavor went. It’s like they were trying to make 8 ounces of root beer stretch across a 12 ounce bottle using only water and citric acid. Note that I didn’t say carbonated water. They even advertise low carbonation so perhaps my theory is not far off the mark. To be fair, it didn’t make me gag, but I wouldn’t touch it again. See how it rates against other root beers.