Aug 032022

Back in September I heard from my good friend Jeremy of The Soda Pop Bros about a limited edition Oktoberfest brew they were making. This was a must try for me, because not only is all root beers a must try, this one had chocolate in it. I’ve heard of chocolate root beers before (and a Root Beer and Chocolate which I can’t quite review with my stringent definitions) but I’ve never been able to acquire them before. I like their label, it’s all Bavarian looking like lederhosen which is what you’d expect at Oktoberfest. Another interesting fact is that it has 2% of the daily needs of calcium and 10% of potassium, so it’s good-ish for you? Or at least got those sweet electrolytes. So how is this Bavarian, hydrating, chocolatey brew?

The Body is sweet and mild with a hint of chocolate flavor mingled with a bit of sarsaparilla. It’s a refreshing yet subtly complex. There’s also a citrus hint. The Bite is also pretty mild and decently smooth. The Head is excellent! Very tall but doesn’t linger too long. The Aftertaste is faint, but of chocolate and sarsaparilla.

It’s different and enjoyable, refreshing even, but do I wish it were just a little stronger. A little more oomph would take it to the next level, though it wouldn’t be as refreshing, probably. I like it stronger anyways. Anyhow, this brew was actually a collaboration with another soda maker with whom the Soda Pop Bros are good friends. The recipes are similar with this having lesser carbonation amongst other things. So stay tuned. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs