May 082019

Kemps Pop Jr.'s
A while ago I was back in Cub Foods, getting some manner of groceries and I figured, hey, maybe there’s some new root beer frozen treat in the cooler. I don’t know why there would be. I doubt the stores change their stockings that frequently. Yet, there they were, more Kemps’ variety packs with a root beer in it. I don’t know why these are Pops Jr.’s. They look pretty regular sized to me. The same size as the float bars. Maybe a true pop are one of those double stick things and the juniors are single sticks? Would that mean the float bars were also juniors, even though they weren’t called that? I’m probably over thinking this.

It has a mild and generic root beer flavor that’s a little too weak yet still refreshing. There’s a minty hint to it as well which is nice, but you can only really notice that if you bite it, and if you have cold sensitivity on your teeth that could be a problem.

The flavor seems to be the same as their Float Bars recipe, which makes sense, but it’s stronger here as you don’t have the vanilla ice cream overpowering it. So in that respect I’ll say these are closer to the sort of root beer pop you’d want, but I still think it still falls short, and I don’t recommend it if looking for a root beer treat.

Apr 102019

Kemps Float Bars

Back to the ice cream section for me! I decided to do another supermarket walk through, this time for Cub Foods, the next closest to my house. As expected there wasn’t really anything till I got to the frozen treats, and then I found these and one other type (post coming soon). These float bars are basically a popsicle shell covering vanilla ice cream, getting the whole soda float vibe. Of course root beer is the flagship flavor, but there’s also orange and grape. Now I’ve never heard of a grape float but I guess that’s a thing, maybe? I don’t really care though, I just needed the root beer. I don’t know if they sell this at all in non-variety packs. All that was in my local Cub was this.

The root beer popsicle part has a very generic and very weak flavor. You can barely make out that it’s root beer. The vanilla ice cream is nice and sweet, but completely overpowers the weaker root beer shell, so it is hardly a root beer float flavor that you get.

Yeah, um, no. I don’t like this at all. The root beer is weaker than those root beer pops, and those were pretty mild. These just fall flat. I don’t recommend them at all. If you want a root beer float bar, look somewhere else.