Apr 242019

Jonny Pops Root Beer Float and Cream
As I mentioned previously, while perusing the frozen aisle in Cub Foods, I found the Kemps Float Bars I also found these Jonny Pops. Jonny Pops is one of those companies committed to simple, wholesome ingredients and what not, and there are very few listed here, one of which is organic root beer flavor. And real cream. Not ice cream, but cream. It’s interesting that this is called Root Beer Float and Cream. Like, root beer float is already creamy, that’s the float part. Adding extra cream seems … excessive? They are also rather expensive, which is to be expected from one of those premium brands, but also only have 3 in a box, which is just, really? I mean usually you’d expect at least a four-pack, which makes these extra expensive.

Boy is this creamy. I mean, it is just a vanilla cream flavor. Is there any root beer in there? I strain my taste buds to the limit. Yes, there’s a slightest hint of root beer, hidden deep beneath the rich cream. But, it’s hard to distinguish and I can’t tell much about it.

Yeah, too much cream. That said, these are delicious, but not root beer delicious. More like cream delicious. If you didn’t tell anyone they were root beer float and cream, they wouldn’t know. So I’m gonna say, pass on these. They’re pricey and fail to deliver on one of the advertised flavors, despite being yummy. Maybe try their other flavors.