Dec 232015

Harpoon Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalOne day as I’m checking my special, root beer email account, I get a message out of nowhere from a fellow named Jake, asking me if I wanted to try Harpoon Root Beer from the Harpoon Brewery and he could send me a sample if I did. Now this is what I need more of in my inbox, every single day. It’s pretty much the litmus test on whether or not it’s a great day. “Have you received an unsolicited offer to sample gourmet root beer today?” “Yes? Then today is a GREAT day!” Sadly, when I got said root beer, the seals on the bottles had broken. That put me in the awkward position of having to send them an email saying that while their root beer smelled really good I couldn’t actually drink it because it broke in transit and could they please send me some more. Luckily, they were good natured sorts so they sent me some more. This time the brews were intact.

The Body is rich and creamy, full of all the essential flavors. It has got so much of them that it is a little syrupy, but I like that. You can taste the lack of preservatives. The body is accompanied by a mild Bite that just tingles the tongue a bit. The Head is weak, sadly, but frothy and doesn’t just fizz away. The Aftertaste is creamy and rich as well but doesn’t linger too long.

This is one of the best root beers I have ever tasted, but the lack of an amazing head kept this one out of the highest echelon. Sadly, they’ve since stopped making it for reasons unknown which is a real shame. A brew like this will be sorely missed. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs