Jun 212017

Harmony Springs Root Beer BottleAwhile back I learned of this brand. They were established in 1908 by the Vanasse Bottling Works in Northampton, Massachusetts. Their website is devoid of details as to whether they’ve been in continuous operation since then or not. They do have a huge array of flavors, leading me to believe that they’ve been around awhile, but then again, I hadn’t heard of them, so maybe they weren’t. No matter, what’s important is that they’re here now. They’ve got a classic, old-timey look for their label, with course paper and all. A trio of fine gents are on the front, harmonizing in a fine play on the name of those clean and clear springs. Their website takes it further with “Composed by Nature, Tuned by Tradition”. After I first learned about it I think I called them in the mid fall to try and get brews before the winter freeze. I don’t know what they said or if I paid them or anything, but late winter two bottles of it showed up on my doorstep. An unexpected yet welcome surprise.

The Body is rather bland. There’s some anise and sarsaparilla and a bit of vanilla but none of the flavors are very intense. The Bite is rather weak, there‚Äôs some spice but not much. It is unbelievably rich and smooth and creamy like few brews I’ve ever had. The Head is excellent and tall, as good as any. The Aftertaste is a hint of vanilla and anise but still rather bland, not bad, but not exciting.

The taste here is nothing special, but that texture … It feels so nice in my mouth, like a warm bubble bath followed by drying off with mink fur and then flopping on a thick down mattress with silk sheets. Oh yeah … drink it occasionally just for that amazing texture. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs