Dec 182013

Fitz's Root Beer BottleSeal of Approval Fitz’s originally appeared in St. Louis in 1947 at a root beer stand. It shut down in the 1970’s like so many root beer stands but was resurrected in 1993 by Fitz’s Bottling Company. Not content to merely bring the root beer back, they wanted a vintage bottling line as well to ensure authenticity. Luckily they found one in some barn in Wisconsin because where else are you going to find a 1940’s vintage bottling line? I must say that’s pretty unique to them compared to a lot of the other resurrected brands. Their bottle is slightly different than your standard long neck as well, which I suppose is related to all of that authentic vintageness. The label is also the original from before so it’s as if the esteemed root beer never left.

The Body is dark and rooty, with a clean crisp flavor on account of the luscious cane sugar. The spices and fizz level make for an excellent little Bite. The Head is average at best but frothy and lingers. The creamy vanilla and wintergreen Aftertaste is very desirable.

This is a quality brew by all metrics. I wonder how it could have died off in the first place. All of their attention to detail in authenticity clearly shows through. The results are impeccable. Drinking this root beer is a pleasant experience that should be repeated often. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs