Nov 092011

Anyone who lived through the ’80’s is familiar with Judge Wapner. He was iconic. The movie Rain Man even more cemented him into TV immortality with the autistic genius fixated on getting his daily Wapner. I must confess, however, I never once watched The People’s Court. I would wait until it was over everyday and the after school cartoons would come on followed by the original Star Trek. Nevertheless, I got very excited when I saw this, and all I could think about before I reviewed it was Dustin Hoffman counting down the minutes to Wapner. Also, the bottle is a cool smoky color instead of the normal clear or brown which is a nice change for my root beer bottle collection.

The Body is kind of watery and sort of fruity, maybe a little too much citric acid in it? The Bite is harsh from carbonation but very lacking in spices. Clearly, the Honorable Judge is reminding you just who is in charge here. The Head is a medium height but not overly frothy. It goes away all too quickly. The Aftertaste is a light fruity type flavor that is rather empty like the Body.

So this is pretty lacking in all departments but not horrible. Like most of the other commemorative root beers it is strong on its theme but rather weak in its root beer qualities. Quoth the bottle “I sentence you to drink my root beer.” A tough sentence indeed, but I wouldn’t call it cruel and unusual punishment. See how it rates against other root beers.