Dec 302015

Dr. Brown's Root Beer Bottle Shortly after I started my undergrad at the University of Washington, before my mission and the transfer to BYU, I was in a QFC (Quality Food Center) to buy some groceries with some friends from my dorm. I of course went searching for root beer and found these little bottles of in the ethnic foods section, you know, because it’s Jewish and that’s ethnic evidently or at least it was in the year 2000, even though root beer is America’s Beverage. Also, what strange little stubby glass bottles, they’re only 10 ounces and have plastic caps from two liter bottles. Also the label says it’s “Blended for Full-Bodied Flavors”.The brand itself is from New York (so ethnic) and is one of several flavors that Dr. Brown’s (such a Jewish name) makes. It’s Kosher and has no sodium. They also make a celery soda which sounds frightening but I hear it goes well with deli sandwiches.

The Body is sweet but is not full. The overall flavor is wonderful but incomplete. The Head is weak. The Bite is ok but the Aftertaste actually leaves you quite disappointed.

So this isn’t really that stellar, but also not bad. I’ll put it at a solid Drinkable, as it’s probably good with that New York Jewish food or something like that. If I’m ever in a New York deli, in New York, New York, I’ll have to try it with my pastrami on rye to see how well they mix. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs