Aug 222012

So this is my first Draft and Keg Root Beers review to not appear as a bonus review, and I think that all of the others will be Wednesday reviews as well. I’m sorry, there’s only a finite amount of root beers in the world and even fewer bottled ones so I need to keep the regular pace as much as possible. I was down in San Francisco taking care of some business and then decided to go down to San Jose to visit an old college room mate who was also the best man at my wedding. My scouring of the internet revealed that Devil’s Canyon Brewery was on the way just off of HWY 101. They only let you buy pints and growlers Fridays 4-6 pm which worked out well since I started out for San Jose at 3:30 on a Friday. When I got there came up with a paper and pen, a camera, and specific instructions on my pint, no plastic cup but an actual glass, pour it so it builds a nice Head, and pour it once I’m ready to get a picture afterwards. As I began to drink and take notes, they figured I was more than just the average root beer fan and asked who I was with, promising to check my site. They also informed their brew mistress/owner who came to tell me more about it.

The Body is medium with fruity and slightly creamy hints. There’s some honey that comes through and it has a nice clean mouth feel. It is also really smooth with only a little Bite from some spice. The Head is short but frothy. It could be much better. The Aftertaste is fruity and vanilla.

It’s not bad, but I really don’t like the fruity. I thought it was citric acid at first but was informed that in addition to organic cane sugar and local Belmont, CA honey, they use local agave nectar as a sweetener. That’s where it comes from. It kind of ruined it for me. The Head could be much better as well. It’s better than your generic store brand, though, I didn’t feel it warranted a growler as a gift to my friend.

Their little tap stand outside the brewery. Notice the Root Beer Tap.