Sep 262015

Deadworld Slow Decay Vanilla Root Beer BottleSeal of ApprovalThe other flavor of zombie root beer from Deadworld Zombie Sodas which is bottled by Caprice Brands. I got this in the same combo pack as the Twilight Shuffler Root Beer. The fact that there are two zombie themed brews makes zombie fans like me overjoyed. This vanilla root beer is named after the lepers from the Deadworld comic series. These lepers are the victims of bizarre experiments of killing the flesh with the leprosy infection. As a result, these lepers are neither human nor zombie. But since their flesh is decayed, they can travel undetected amongst the zombie hordes. It’s an interesting price to pay for zombie camouflage. Though my bottle features the chesty woman in white, there are three other label pictures for this as each flavor has four different labels. My favorite for this flavor is the assassin looking woman, but sadly that’s not what I got. This one’s not bad though.

The Body is full of sweet vanilla washing all over everything, including a solid root beer core that has nothing lacking. This is followed by a spicy Bite that finishes smooth with good carbonation levels as well. The Head is tall with moderate staying power. It doesn’t disappoint. It all ends with a spicy vanilla Aftertaste that lasts and lasts. There’s a hint of wintergreen in there as well.

I love vanilla brews and this one is just fabulous, the best one yet, of both the Deadworld brews and all vanilla root beers up till now. So next time you have a zombie tag game or a zombie themed party or you just want to sit down to your favorite zombie show, get some Deadworld. You won’t regret it. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs

Sep 132015

Dead World Twilight Shuffler Root Beer BottleSeal of Approval If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you know how much I like zombie stuff. This stemmed from playing Humans vs. Zombies Tag in grad school and then hanging out with all of my Zombie Tag friends. Therefore, I was overjoyed to see that Caprice Brands had made Deadworld Premium Zombie Beverages, a full line of zombie themed sodas. Deadworld is a zombie comic (which I haven’t read sadly) where the zombies, led by King Zombie, have largely taken over the world. Each of the 12 flavors is centered around characters in the comics. Two of these flavors are root beer and vanilla root beer, so getting them became my number one root beer priority. The fine folks at Caprice Brands were kind enough to let me order a custom four-pack of the two flavors. The “regular” root beer is named Twilight Shuffler, after Tattoo, a half-human and half-zombie who can move from one dead body to another. She is trying to remember her true identity by getting lots of tattoos. I’m sure it makes more sense if you read the comics.

This has a nice Body with some wintergreen and vanilla standing out wrapped in spices. Yet, the total flavor mix is unique, giving it a sort of a familiar yet different feel. The Bite is prickly and spicy and a little stronger than I prefer. The Head is very tall but only with medium staying power. It finishes with a wintergreen and vanilla Aftertaste.

This is great stuff. This soda’s tagline is “All natural flavors of un-natural tastes” and you know what, it does taste un-naturally good. I’m so glad that my first zombie themed brew is so excellent, that I can recommend it to all zombie hunters and lovers for any zombie occasion. See how it rates against other root beers.

4 kegs