Jan 062016

Crown Brewing Root Beer Bottle Back in the early 1900s, the city of Crown Point, Indiana, was the home of a large regional brewery, Crown Brewing. It closed, however, in 1916. Then in 2008, two guys wanted to bring local craft beer back Crown Point, and resurrected the Crown Brewing name. They have been active in the community and host festivals and whatnot. Since they wanted to be the coolest sort of brewery, they also make and bottle their own root beer. The bottle itself is kind of psychedelic and I can’t help but wonder if it was made to be viewed with 3-D glasses. The label boasts that they use the “finest raw sugar and Lake Michigan water.” I’ve never thought that using Lake Michigan water would be something brag about, but I’m not from Indiana. Other than the sugar, it has all artificial flavorings, which might bother some people, but I know that a chemical produced in a lab can have the identical molecular structure as one produced in a plant so, bring. It. On.

The Body has generic creamy root beer flavor to it with some nice vanilla. The Bite is sharp and prickly and a bit spicy. It’s sharper than I would like. The Head is very short, but frothy. It’s rather disappointing. The Aftertaste is light vanilla.

Well that is pleasant. Though the Bite is stronger than I like and the Head is shorter, nothing else really stands out about this but nothing is really bad either. It’ll make a nice float and a decent meal accompaniment, though it isn’t one you’d really seek out to have on its own. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three kegs