Oct 302011

Foxon Park, a park filled with lots of foxon, you know, the plural of ox is oxen so the plural of fox must be foxon, or at least that’s what Brian Regan taught me. So, this root beer hails from the park of the endless hordes of foxon. I could be worse I suppose, they could be overrun by herds of moosen. It says that it is draft style. That always makes me excited because Henry’s is “draught (the olde spelling of draft) style” and has one of the most epic root beer heads of all time not to mention one of the best all around root beers. So if they are saying draft style they better live up to my expectations.

The Body is a little weak and watery. It is also slightly creamy with a hint of licorice flavor. The Bite is very sharp on the tongue, too sharp for my tastes. There is a little bit of spice to it but not enough. It also doesn’t go down smooth. The Head is decent height but is gone far too quickly, hardly the draft style that is boasted on the bottle. In fact, the bottle has a picture of an overflowing frothy Head, which this Head was definitely not. Talk about your false advertising. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla with a touch of wintergreen and is the best part of this brew.

So all in all this isn’t really that good, especially after the boast of draft style and the lovely picture, but it isn’t bad either. Their website boasts about their wonderful and unique flavors, but it seems that this root beer isn’t one of them. They do say that it is traditionally drunk with pizza and I think that is about the only time that I would drink this again. See how it rates against other root beers.