Jun 262019

A frosty mug of Big A Root Beer Drive-In Root BeerSeal of ApprovalFresh off my weekend in Duluth, I found myself in Sacramento, with another root beer target on my mind, Big A Root Beer Drive-In. I’d known about it for awhile but this trip saw me with enough time to make the hour and fifteen minute drive up to Grass Valley. Their website doesn’t give a lot of information about them, other than they make their own root beer fresh and it’s creamy and real and draft and seriously, that’s a little long for a name. Anyways, the building itself looks like an old A&W Drive-In, which makes sense. Sharing my adventure was my grandma, some aunts, and my mom, who happened to be in Sacramento that day.

The Body is sweet and rich with a classic flavor that is overflowing with delicious vanilla. It’s so sweet and smooth you feel you could just take a bath in all that vanilla. The Bite is subtle, with a nice blend of spices complimenting the Body and it finishes very smooth. The Head is excellent. Tall and foamy. The Aftertaste is a sweet vanilla that lasts and lasts.

Wow! After nearly 420 root beers, it takes a lot to impress me, yet, after my first drink, I was so overcome that I blurted out “Oh wow! It’s good!” The free refills are bad news, because before I knew it, I’d downed three 20 oz mugs of the stuff. I couldn’t help myself. It was so amazing. If there’s anything at all lacking in this brew, it could use a little more Bite, just a little, and it would achieve perfection. As it stands, I’d say that this is probably the 2nd highest rated 4.5, just a hair below 5. The food at the place is top notch as well. I asked for recommendations, and took the deluxe bacon burger with avocado and a side of pesto garlic fries. I was in heaven. This place is a must visit, if you are a root beer fan. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and plan a trip to Big A Root Beer Drive-In right now!

4.5 Kegs

The Big A Root Beer Drive-In

The Big A Root Beer Drive-In

Deluxe bacon burger with avocado, pesto garlic fries, homemade ranch dressing, and one of the most amazing root beers you’ll ever have.