Nov 292017

Best Health's Root Beer Bottle Another one that I’d been after for a long time. I was afraid I’d never get it, but then anthony saved the day, as he often does. The Brooklyn Bottling Company, who makes this, has been around since 1937 but I’m not sure if this root beer has been around that long. They do go for that old fashioned soda fountain look with their labeling. The label itself is painted on the bottle, which you don’t see often and makes me happy because it will last longer in my collection and it doesn’t get ruined with water like those paper labels. It’s naturally flavored, which you would expect from something with the name Best Health’s, but the name doesn’t stop them from using sodium benzoate, so maybe there’s a Bester, er Bestester? Health’s out there…

The Body is rich and full. There’re caramel and vanilla flavors as well as sort of a creamy cotton candy taste. It’s strange but not bad. The Bite is mild and not noteworthy. The Head is medium but fizzes down quickly. The Aftertaste is some wintergreen and more of that creamy candy with a hint of vanilla.

This is pretty good. I like it but the Head could be better and then it doesn’t quite taste right. Not anything bad or wrong, but the flavor combinations just don’t meld the way I feel a proper brew should. I can’t really explain it but you’ll know what I mean when you drink it. See how it rates against other root beers.

Three and a half kegs