Oct 122016

Abita Root Beer BottleA root beer from that first summer after my mission. I ordered this online in a variety pack. There was no particular reason for picking it when I did, just another brew I hadn’t tried. Abita is a craft brewery in Louisiana founded in 1986. They proudly declare that they use pure Louisiana cane sugar in their brew. They also use “root beer flavor” which I suppose is better than cola flavor or orange flavor. They have a classy label, or at least they did in 2003. It’s still classy but the color scheme has changed. I prefer this version. The reddish-brown and deep blue with silver dots just makes me think of some dark rich brew.

The Body was strong rooty flavor, yet lacking in that there was no honey and it wasn’t very creamy. There was also a hint of icky in the Body after the initial contact. The Bite was solid, though not overly pleasurable. The Head was fair. The Aftertaste was that same icky though not really strong.

So this was a tough one to judge. It isn’t horrible but not overly good either. It wasn’t my favorite flavor profile nor did it have any special characteristics, but it didn’t have huge glaring flaws either. When it finally came down to it I had to ask myself if given the opportunity to drink this again, would I? After much deliberation and a few bottles, I must answer no. It’s that little bit of icky that really pushes it over the edge. See how it rates against other root beers.

2.5/5 Root Beer Kegs